This page is for those classmates that would like to share what they have been doing since graduation. E-mail your Bio to: and we will post it here.
Tim Abbott,
   Went to Duke, graduating in ’63.  I like languages so I was a German major.  Languages and pre-med programs don’t work together all that well, so I ended up in law school.  Graduated from Georgetown in ’66, and was given a fellowship to get a Master of Laws degree in Trial Law, which I got in ’68.  In Washington, I was introduced to the incredible delights of wines, and have been a total wine nut since that time.  Flying is part of our family (my dad flew for Eastern Air Lines), so I started flying in Washington out of National Airport.  Met my wife Carole in Washington, and courted her in the airplane (no kinky stuff) in order to build up my hours for an instrument rating.  Got that and moved to Miami with Carole to engage in trial law with the County Attorney’s Office and get a commercial pilot’s license.  Spent 3 years in Miami, and Carole and I realized the northeast corridor was more attractive, so we moved back to Washington in ’71 to practice in a small firm in Alexandria, Va., for a year.  Moved to Philadelphia in ’72 to become a Division Counsel with Litton Industries, one of the granddaddies of the conglomerate companies heavily involved in the military-industrial complex.  Realized I didn't know diddly about business, so got my MBA.  Became general counsel to AAMCO in Philadelphia for 3 years, and Carole started working on her doctorate at Bryn Mawr in early child development.  Got an opportunity to become general counsel to Jartran, a Jim Ryder company set up to compete with U-Haul, so we moved back to Miami in ’83.  Jartran, unfortunately, was not star struck and went into bankruptcy in ’86.  I finished helping with the financial burial of the Jartran body and went back to the County Attorney’s Office in ’86, which then had about 80+ lawyers, and joined the branch office at Miami International Airport.  Been there since, doing commercial litigation for the airport system and engaging in airport law.   Dr. Carole recently retired as a child development psychologist with the school system, and our only child, Katie, went to Duke (big surprise!) and then got a Master’s degree at Columbia.  At Duke, she met this neat guy named Joe Martinez, and, after he graduated from Duke Law School, she and Joe moved to Manhattan, then to Charlotte, and then—surprise, surprise!—to Miami where he is one of the regional counsels for Citibank’s South American operations.  They live about 2 miles from us in the old Parrot Jungle area, and have 2 terrific kids (Ana age 5 and Matt age 4).  Carole and I are having the greatest time as grandparents.  (Love that old adage about getting revenge on your kids, i.e, spoiling the grandkids beyond belief!).  Still love my job at the Airport and have no current plans to retire.
Augustus “Gus” Adams
   Best Gables Memories-making many good friends and running the first leg of the mile relay for the track team. We particularly enjoyed beating Miami High School at Moore Park.
   Special Events in My Life- two wonderful daughters who have brought much joy to my life.
 What I'm Doing Now-I lost my wife, Nancy (Nancy Jones), on January 8, 2008 to cancer. She graduated from Gables in 1961. It's been a long hard road, but I'm feeling better now. I founded Pine Street Partners, a real estate advisory and transaction services firm almost 20 year ago. We work for developers, land owners and financial institutions throughout the U.S.
    Number of Kids and GrandKids-I have two daughters, Leigh McCowan and Alix Mills,  who are 27 and 40 years old respectively. Leigh has a 6 year old son. His name is Caden. Alix and her husband, Coleman, have two girls and one boy that they were nice enough to name after me. The granddaughters names are Rosie and Georgia. They are 6 and 8. It's great being a grandfather.  
Michael E. Adams My best memory at Gables was seeing my friends 5 days a week and the ultimate memory was graduation and the prom.
Currently I live with my wife of 45 years in Palmetto Bay and Cleveland, GA.  We both are retired, me from Dade County and wife Dolores from 40 years as RN and Administrator at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
The real special happiness was the birth of my children, Michael K and Cheryl Ann, who is currently expecting our first grand-daughter Brianna Michelle in late Sept. 2007  We are looking forward to traveling a bit and spending summers at our cabin in the mountains of Georgia.
Donald Alexander and Margo Muhlinghaus It doesn't seem possible it has been 50 years!   We have wonderful memories of our senior year at Gables (Skip Day, the Senior Prom and graduation).  Don and I dated the whole senior year but, went our separate ways after graduation.  I went to Bavaria to visit my grandfather and Don went to college in Wisconsin.  We both married and had children.  I have a daughter, Deborah and son, Scott.  Don has a daughter, TerrieJo.  After 20+ years (divorced and widowed), we met again and married.  We came full-circle and are enjoying life to the fullest.  Our children all married, are very successful career wise, although neither of the girls had children.  Scott and Michelle gave us two wonderful grandsons who are now 11 and 14.  Both A students.  The tragedy is that Michelle suddenly passed away two years ago leaving Scott to raise his two boys.  Don and I live on a farm in High Springs, FL; Scott lives in Minneola, FL thus, we are on 24/7 call and spend a lot of time in Minneola. Additionally, Michael has a rare disease and is one of Shands 'Special Kids' at the University of Florida.  The boys now spend their summers with us as well as holidays, school breaks, etc.  Scott works for Orange County Sheriff's Department as the Elementary D.A.R.E. officer and with the Aviation Unit so his days are incredibly full.
    Over the years, Don and I have rescued dogs and horses and fostered a number of children.  We had the good fortune to retire in 1996; Don as Sr. Lt. with Metro-Dade County Fire Department and I from Ryder System where I worked for 16 years.  Built a home in Gilchrist County (High Springs, FL) with a horse barn and work shop in 1996.   In November 1996, we moved my parents in with us and became their caregivers until 1990.  A very blessed time in our lives.  Brought our horses and dogs with us and now board another Arabian mare.  Don became Fire Chief of the Spring Ridge Volunteer Fire Department in 1997 and is still Chief.  He was voted State of Florida Firefighter of the Year in 2005.   We even hosted the annual Metro-Dade County Retired Firefighters Reunion at our farm twice (1997 and 2001) with 300+ attendees. 
    Our best time is RVing in our 2005 40 ft. Allegro Bus (with 4 slideouts; the grandsons call it Papa's house-on-wheels), giving our grandsons National Geographic Adventures.  Both our dogs (Doberman and Border Collie mix) travel with us.  We are making forever memories and having wonderful times visiting the USA.  Our travels have taken us to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone (our favorite place - been there 3 times), Cody, Custer, the Badlands, Zion and Bryce Canyons, Bend, OR's Lava Fields and, north to Wisconsin, Michigan, etc.  This past summer we took the boys to Washington, DC then, drove back through the Shenandoah Valley.  Everything is so amazing!   Also, visited one of the NASCAR garages on Victory Lane in Charlotte, NC.  Asked my greatest accomplishment over the past 50 years it would be blessed with motherhood and raising two wonderful children; and meeting Don again after all those years and realizing dreams do come true.  In addition to raising children, rescuing lost and starving dogs and horses, we fostered neglected children and loved every minute of it. In the midst of all that, my love and passion for horses brought incredible joy to my family ultimately raising a superstar horse named Moonlight Gambler.  He became Dade County's 1st Mounted Patrol horse in 1981 for PR and good neighbor work; as pure white as driven snow; a powerfully big horse who lead the Jr. Orange Parade for 8 years carrying a mounted officer and the American Flag through the streets of Coral Gables.  One would think the Lone Ranger had arrived on Silver.  Gambler went on the model for European modeling agencies at Crandon Park and ultimately was commissioned to be in the States-side Barcelona Greek War Horse commercial for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics ~ such an honor.  Gambler retired in 1988 giving us 30 glorious years of love and majesty; now in his final resting place under an old Southern Magnolia tree in our riding ring.
Robert C. "Bob" Allen, (Kathy)
   After Gables, I went to UF in Gainesville, and after a short stop in the engineering school focused on business with a major in accounting.  Had a wonderful time in Gainesville and in the summer between my junior and senior years, went to Lake Placid, New York (the site of the ’32 and ’80 Winter Olympics) where I met Kathy Miller who was from Ohio.  Two years later, after I had completed an advanced accounting degree, I married Kathy and we moved to Boston, I went to work for the “big 8” accounting firm, Arthur Young & Company, and Kathy entered Boston University to earn Masters in political science.
   In 1966, I took leave from Arthur Young, went to Navy OCS, and spent the next three years on a destroyer out of Newport, Rhode Island as the ship’s damage control officer.  During my Navy career, Kathy went to Boston University Law School and after graduating, she spent the next three decades as a civil rights lawyer.   After the Navy, I returned to Arthur Young, where I became a partner in 1976.  In 1978, we moved to Atlanta where I assumed the managerial responsibility as the partner in charge of the tax practice for the Atlanta office.   Kathy left a teaching program at the Harvard Law School to pursue her civil rights work in Georgia.  In 1983, we returned to Boston where I became the Director of Tax for Arthur Young’s Boston office.  In 1989, Arthur Young and Ernst & Whiney merged to form Ernst & Young, and I became Director of Tax for Ernst & Young’s Boston office.  I later became the partner in charge of tax for the New England region.  During that period, Kathy became one of the commissioners of the Massachusetts Human Rights commission. 
   I was with Ernst & Young for 35 years, 25 as a partner.  All of the international accounting firms have mandatory retirement ages, and I retired from E&Y in 1998 and went to work for an old Boston law firm, Choate Hall & Stewart, as Director of Practice Management.  I left Choate in 2002 and fully retired.  Since then, Kathy and I divide our time between our farm in Vermont and our home in Boston.  Additionally, we have traveled extensively to South America and Europe.  Kathy has retired from the practice of law but is volunteering for non profits in both Boston and Vermont.  I spend the majority of my time attempting to take care of two old houses (1790, VT and 1853, Boston) and 75 acres of property in Vermont.  Additionally, I am currently a trustee at Green Mountain College; a small environmentally focused liberal arts college in Vermont.  I currently serve as the school’s treasurer and chair of the finance committee.  I also chaired the college’s search for a new president and expect to become the board’s chair this summer. 
   Kathy and I have two wonderful daughters, both whom are married and live in the greater environs of New York City.  Our older daughter, Leslie, lives in Westport, CT., with her husband, two small children, a girl and boy, and a more than full time job in public relations.  Her younger sister, Lindsay, is an aspiring actor and lives in Queens with her new husband, also an actor.  Since they are reasonably close, we see them regularly.  There are occasional calls for emergency baby sitting which requires a follow up week to recover.  I tend to forget how active small kids are.   
Susan Anderson Sechrist Best Gables Memories:  It has been so long ago it's difficult to remember, but I do recall a train trip my junior year to Jacksonville with
the Band for an out of town football game.  The games played at the OB were always very exciting. I also remember taking the bus
to Miami Beach with my friend, Honora, to Lincoln Road for shopping and going to the movies.
After graduatioon from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, I worked for Eastern Airlines as a ticket and reservations agent in Charlotte, NC and Miami, FL. I spent three months training for the job in New York City, all expenses paid, which was very exciting for me. I also had temporary work assignments in Atlanta, New York and Montreal, Canada during Expo '67. This was when I developed my love for traveling, which I was able to do much of the time for free working for an airline. I travelled to Europe (three times), South America, the Caribbean,
Mexico, the Virgin Islands and out west to San Francisco to visit a college friend.
While I loved all the free travelling and jet-setting, I tired of the job so I fulfilled a dream I had back then(1969) of living and working in Europe.  I went to work in Germany with the Department of the Army, Special Services Division, as a Recreation CenterProgram director and Service Club administrator. I was based in three different locations in Germany from 1969-1974.  I loved the work, and also the continued opportunities for more travel.  I visited all of the European countries,  and Russia, Egypt, and Turkey.  I met my future husband while we were both working overseas, so it was time to return to the USA, and get married. (1974) Sadly, I have no children or grandchildren,
just a beautiful and sweet siamese cat.
We  lived in Norfolk, VA for two years, Hartford, CT area for six years and Atlanta for seven years. While in CT, I returned to grad school and recieved an MSW (masters of Social Work) I worked in social services in community hospitals for about four years.
One highlight of my time in Atlanta, was volunteering to work at the Democratic National Convention held in Atlanta the summer of 1988. I was a driver for the late Senator and secretary of state, Ed Muskie, from Maine. It was thrilling to meet Presidents Carter and Clinton and many other policital and other dignitaries and attending the conventions and related activities. I developed an interest in politics, as a post Watergate democrat. If I could do it over, I would major in poly-sci.
In 1989, I moved out to Southern California, where I have remained, to accept a social work practitioner position with Childrens' Services in San Bernardino County.
I was employed there for 16 years before retiring  in 2004. Since retiring, I have done some volunteer work through Church and a continuation school library. I am part of a Church group that sings weekly at area convalescent homes. I also have sung and danced in 'Follies' produced  at Redlands First United Methodist Church. I still continue to have the travel bug, returning to England and Wales for a canal cruise and to Switzerland to ride their glorious trains. I also have cruised to several places including Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean and the Amazon. In mid January of 2009, I went on a three week trip to New Zealand and Australia, two countries that I have always wanted to visit.  Both countries were beautiful and the people were terrific. I hope to go to Iceland this Summer, and Costa Rica in late fall.
While there have been trials and tribulations, I would say the last fifty years have been good to me and I feel very lucky.
Clara Apeland Lloyd I live in Lake City, FL and have been here since 1997. My husband Bob and I left Miami in 1995 and lived in Ft. White, FL for 2 years before moving to Lake City. I have 3 grown children, 3 stepchildren, and 11 grandchildren
   After graduating from Gables my friend Paula Alexander and I moved to New York City to work for Eastern Airlines. I transferred back to Miami 6 months later because my Mom was very ill. I met and married Tom Simpson while working at Eastern and attended Miami Dade for a couple of years during that time.
   One of my best memories of Gables is my Spanish teacher because she taught with such enthusiasm and always had a smile on her face. I believe, but am not sure, that her name was Ms. Reitsma. I also remember what fun it was to go to the football games at the Orange Bowl. Rip.
   Tom and I were divorced in 1979. I met and married Bob Lloyd after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We were married in Savannah, GA in 1993, and since we both loved traveling, especially cruising, we went to a lot of wonderful places and enjoyed seeing much of the world and our very own USA.
   Bob died on November 23, 2008 after a relatively short illness and I am slowly recovering from this tremendous loss. In addition, my younger sister, Diana has Stage 4 brain cancer and our family is dealing with it as best we can.
   I won’t be attending the reunion, but I wish you all a wonderful time of sharing and being together.
Charles Archer We have been residents of North Carolina since about 1981 have been residents of Candler, NC (Asheville) since 1999.  Following four years in the Navy, My career spanned almost 40 years in management in the energy field (propane and natural gas) in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, but he is now retired.  My wife Bonnie (Gables ’60) is an Administrative Assistant to attorney Andrew Strauss, senior attorney in the estate planning firm of Strauss and Associates here in Asheville.  We were married in 1963.  We have two sons - Wayne who lives in Pittsburgh and has 3 children ages 15, 8, and 5 and Sean who lives in Spartanburg, SC and has a 17 year old son. 
Bryant Aumack,
 Gables Memories – The 1957 Track and Football team acting as pallbearers at my mother’s funeral   The 1958 Football season and 1959 Track season.  The radio theme song” Moon over Miami” at Crandon Park and my little sail boat
   Bryant Aumack is currently - Active in Skiing / Sailing / Flying / Hanger Talk / Teaching
   Bryant and Carol Rice have been married for 40 yrs with two children and two grand children. Carol is currently the Lockheed Martin Space System Graduate Program Manager and Denver Site lead for the Engineering Leadership and Development program. His son David is a Major in the Airforce flying C-5s His daughter Michelle is a mental health therapist in Orlando. All four are Pilots .Bryant has 46 years of experience with the USAF/ Eastern Airline and Lockheed Martin in numerous capacities after leaving Gables. He has been involved with Jet Engine and Aircraft maintenance management, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Jet Engine restoration, budgetary preparation, Warranty claims development, he effectively coordinated baseline maintenance and modification budget for the Space Shuttle. Bryant retired in 2006 and  is currently an Adjunct Professor in Systems Engineering for the University of Denver and  for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University were he  taught graduate courses in Aircraft/Spacecraft Development, Project Management, Maintenance Management and Logistics since 1985.
   Bryant has served as an Industrial Engineer in the Program Directorate for Lockheed Martin/ United Space Alliance, Kennedy Space Center FL. He developed a matrix and Comparative Risk Analysis of NASA's Contract Requirements for the Operation Maintenance Documentation System.  Bryant has effectively accounted for and verified all configuration changes for 15 Space Shuttle missions; he has identified unauthorized Vendor Configuration changes and coordinated (SMR) coding with LRU Problem Reports. As a Senior Budget Analyst, he developed the initial Operational SPC budget for Space Shuttle processing functions at Kennedy Space Center. Bryant developed a Space Shuttle Processing numbering code system and developed Rough-Cut Capacity Plans for Return to Flight Mods. After the Columbia disaster in 2003 Bryant transferred to the Space Systems division of Lockheed in Denver Co with is wife to help design and develop a replacement for the Space Shuttle and now maintains homes in both Denver and Melbourne/ Suntree Florida until Carol retires from Lockheed Martin in 2011.

While at Eastern Airlines, Bryant developed a multiple power plant $480 million budget. Bryant developed a budget by engine module and groups for the CF6-50C, RB-211-22/535 and JT8D engines and provided usage reports for OEM logistic conferences. Bryant developed warranty claims with both Rolls-Royce and General Electric engines for excessive part usage that resulted in a $3.5 million procurement credit. Bryant’s last assignment at Eastern was in the Engine and Component Overhaul where he managed the efforts of 85 IAM Mechanics.
   Bryant earned his Masters of Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology while with Eastern in 1975 and his Bachelors of Arts in History & Government from University of Maryland / Florida State University in 1968. He holds a FAA single engine land Pilot certificate and Aircraft & Powerplant Mechanic certificate (A & P) and he holds the FAA Inspector Authorization (IA), Bryant is an owner and operator of a Twin Engine Baron D55, single engine Cessna 182 and Cessna 172 based in FL & OK.
Loretta Barish Morris   Graduated University of Miami 1962 Bachelor of Education
Married my high school sweetheart, Steve Morris (graduate Miami High 1959) in June 1962, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren
   Taught elementary school, owned an optical “Frame and Eye Optical Boutique” in Kendall Lakes and now I manage my husband’s optometric office in South Miami.
   My husband is the eye doctor for the University of Miami and FIU athletes so we both work closely with the athletes of both schools. (Keeps us young and involved!!!)
We are very involved with the Heiken Children’s Vision Fund at the Lighthouse of the Blind. (This organization makes  sure that any child in Dade County can have an eye examination and get a pair of eye glasses if necessary without any charge if they do not have insurance or the means to pay).
   Recently I have started writing short essays or what I have entitled “Loretta’s Chronicles” in which I have been writing short essays about things that happened when I was young and when my children were growing up.  (Hopefully interesting and humorous things)
     Also, my quest in life was always to see the Wonders of the World and my husband and I have traveled extensively around the world. I still have several places left we want to visit but we have really been lucky to have seen so many wonderful places and enjoy learning about other people and their cultures. (However, it is always nice to come home) 
Kenneth Bell After graduating from Coral Gables High in 1959, I attended the University of Florida and received a BSBA. I was commissioned in the USAF in 1964, received an MBA at the University of Colorado in 1969, and retired as a Lt. Colonel in 1984.  I then joined GE Aircraft Engines in Cincinnati, Ohio and retired in 2001 as the Manager of Military Engine Proposal Support.  I then attended Wright State University in Ohio and graduated magna cum laude in June 2006 with a BFA degree majoring in photography. I have three children and seven grandchildren. The education I received at Coral Gables High was a great foundation for my achievements to date.
Stephen Billings, (Barbara) Some highlights from my life since graduation from 'Gables in 1959:
My family moved in 1960 year 'round to Cape Cod, which has become base for my
clan (parents, Elliot and Priscilla, 96 and 94 yrs., are still in their own house, with lots of support) and our summer holidays. Following Yale, a fellowship for a trial year at the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provided an engaging alternative to graduate studies (at Yale) for teaching history.  Clinical Pastoral Education at a state mental hospital and a summer serving a mission in Tanzania sparked a life-long calling to pastoral ministry, with special interests in institutional chaplaincy, social and criminal justice, human relations, and urban and overseas mission.  Most of the 43 years of stipended, ordained ministry in the Diocese of Pennsylvania (metro Phila.) has been parish-based, with extensions in social service administration, psychotherapy practice (part-time, AAMFT), alcohol and drug abuse prevention, etc. 
  A 20 year marriage beset with difficulties, ending in 1986, blessed me with two bright, talented, and beautiful daughters; the elder, Laura, we lost to depression in 1999, and the younger daughter, Melissa, with her great husband Rick, who live north of NYC, have blessed us with three bright and healthy grandkids. We wish they lived closer.  The greatest blessing has been marriage since 1991 to Barbara, who shares many interests, particularly parish ministry and music.  Her skills and experience in politics and non-profit management (Stanford MBA) she has combined with her vocation for Christian Formation for children, youth, and families, as staff at our parish, Redeemer, Bryn Mawr.  Since I am now "pensioned" I serve mostly in a volunteer capacity, in the choir, with the African Children's Mission (mostly aiding AIDS-related orphans and those who support them), in the diocese, and in the Haverford community (Civic Association). 
Arline Blount Jordan, (Andrew B. Jordan)
  She and her dentist husband, Andy Jordan, live in Lufkin, a midsize town in east Texas.  East Texas is heavily wooded, is oil rich, and has beautiful ranches and horse farms. 
    Their oldest son is a dentist with his father.  I think theirs is the biggest dental practice in town! The second son is getting married this coming June in Austin. They have a daughter who lives in Dallas.
    Arline plays tennis and Andy enjoy golf. 
Richard Blume Upon receiving a B.A. from MacMurray College in 1963 and a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver College of Law in 1967, Mr. Blume joined the Federal Trade Commission under the Federal Government’s Honors Law Graduate Program.There, he practiced trade regulation and antitrust law.

In 1968, Mr. Blume entered active duty as a Navy JAG officer. From December 1969 through December 1970, he served as a Lt. in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam, for which he was awarded, among others, the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device.

Upon his release from active Naval duty in 1971, he returned to Washington, DC, as an antitrust litigator with the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, where he focused chiefly on mergers and acquisitions.

In  1972, Mr. Blume embarked on a 26-year career with General Electric Company, from which he retired as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS). GECAS is the world’s premier financier and lessor of commercial aircraft to airline customers and is engaged in Operating Leases, Sale/Leasebacks, Aircraft Trading and Remarketing, Bare Aircraft Purchases, Leveraged Leases, Joint Venture Equity, Securitization and Capital Markets. The GECAS fleet portfolio consists of approximately 1100 owned and 300 managed aircraft placed with over 200 airlines based in 60 countries.

During his GE tenure, Mr. Blume also served in numerous other global leadership posts, including, as the chief legal counsel for GE’s Jet Engines business, as a member of the Board of Directors of CFM, International, GE’s extremely successful joint venture with the French state-owned aircraft engine manufacturer, Snecma Moteurs, and as the chief legal counsel for GE Silicones.

Mr. Blume is married to the former Mary Cornelius and has a daughter, Avery Plonski (and three grandchildren) in Louisville, KY and a son, Rich, serving with the US Army 25th Infantry Division in Iraq.

After retiring from GE in 1998, the Blumes moved from Greenwich, CT to their home on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC outside of Charlotte.

Mr. Blume currently serves as the General Counsel of a privately held company.

Brenda Kay Booke Allen (Charles R Allen)
Best Memory at Gables: Time spent with the Cavalettes including an Orange Bowl parade and one comical rainy football game trying to march in the mud at (I think) Deland???
   Since graduating from Gables, I attended the University of Kentucky where I earned a bachelors degree, met my husband to be, Charlie Allen whom I married in 1963, and had our first daughter in 1964. I earned my Masters degree at U.K. in 1967 and Charlie completed his MD degree.  We moved to Jacksonville for his internship and my year of employment at FL Jr. College. Then we spent 2 years in Atlanta (military) where our second daughter was born and then on to Augusta where Charlie completed his orthopedic residency.
   In 1974 we moved to Lander, Wyoming where we have lived since. In 1979, I opened The Booke Shoppe, a general bookstore, which I enjoyed immensely until I retired in 2001. Meanwhile I participated in a variety of community activities from being a scout leader to Chamber of Commerce (President) to Medical Auxiliary to my current position as Chair of the County Library Board....a natural direction after retiring from bookselling.
  Charlie and I are both avid tennis players. We play year round thanks to indoor courts in Jackson Hole where we spend about half of our time throughout the year. We snowmobile (having retired from skiing), bike, hike, etc. so are enjoying an active life style.
    We have five grandchildren. Two live in Lander, so we are very involved with their activities. The other three live in D.C. We just returned from a visit there. Great place to "have to" go visit a couple of times a year. I do ski still once a year when the young D.C. grandkids come
to visit.
   My "legacy" at Gables is that my brother, Brad Booke, was student body president 8 years after I was there. Lew Castle was a teacher and coach by then. 
Mary Caffee
   Best Gables memory – The football team, the band, and the cheerleaders went to Jacksonville for an “away” game.  Our side of the stadium (huge Orange Bowl style) looked dark and eerily empty so the cheerleaders moved away from the bench but close to the band near the end zone.  Ordinarily the band and the cheerleaders operated cooperatively but not synchronously.  However on that night, the band played, we danced, and everyone chanted the cheers - “Da Dee Da Da Da Da ..Go Gables!”  The team struggled, played well and prevailed.  In all, it was a magic night in a place far from home.
    I never married, no children.   I worked as a computer professional starting and ending in Miami.  In between I worked in the northeast (Cinnaminson, New Jersey and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania) and on the West Coast with assignments in San Francisco, Salinas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Malibu, Long Beach and side trips to Las Vegas (not my favorite.)
    I am now home in Coral Gables.  I teach part time and volunteer at an art gallery.  As for any future software systems, my head is programmed for utility but I’m looking at the “clouds.” 
Dorothy Cagle Kay My memories of Coral Gables High School certainly focus on the Cavaliettes and how we marched in Orange Bowl parades. My and parents and their friends always watched us from my grandmother's apartment on Biscayne Blvd. Personally, though, riding to school in the new Plymouth Fury my friend, Lea, got for her birthday is one of my strongest memories; we made good use of it to drive into the city on Sunday afternoons and lounge in hotel lobbies, too!
After graduating from Mary Washington University and spending thirty-three years in the Virginia Public School System, I am now enjoying retirement. Various local activities and lots of travel have kept me busy in the past few years, as my son worked in Hong Kong and Singapore before being transferred back "home" to New York ten days before 9/11.
My son, Ric Kay, and my Daughter, Natalie Nickols, now live with their families in New Jersey and Man-land. They each have two children, Natalie's being twins. Thanks to Amtrak and U.S. Air, I can visit them easily and frequently. 
Peter "Deppe" Callahan (Brenda)
Upon graduation from The University of North Carolina in 1963, I was commissioned an Ensign in the U.S. Navy where I served as Assistant Supply Officer aboard the U.S.S. Northampton CC-1. Folllowing an advertising career in New York and Atlanta, I became a stockbroker in 1983. I currently am a Senior Vice President with The Interstate Group a division of Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. I have been married to my wife Brenda for almost 25 years and have three stepsons and six grandchildren. We live in Atlanta.
Marcia Callison,
Greetings, Classmates of 1959,
     WOW!!!  Fifty years!!!  Can it be possible???  Guess so because here I am writing a "brief ?" bio of my last 50 years since graduation from C.G.H.S.  I've stayed in touch with two grads (Rowe Eikenberry and Jo-Anne Dempster) but I am looking forward to catching up with some of the other 1505 graduates in the class of '59!
     All things considered, life has been pretty good to me!  I attended Florida State University, pledged Delta Delta Delta and graduated with a degree in elementary education.  I also met my (ex) husband there. We married and graduated on the same day...seemed like a good idea at the time!  We lived in Tallahassee for a few months and then moved to Orlando (for one school year).  In June of 1964, we moved a few miles east to Brevard County where I have lived now for 45 years.  My husband worked at Kennedy Space Center, and I taught 3rd-6th graders.  This proved to be a great career choice for me...the classroom, the kids, the summers off!
     Three years into our marriage, our only child was born.  Forty-three years later, she remains my greatest "production".  She is married to a great guy, and they live close by in Orlando.  (Two years ago, they opened a pizza place, Cibelli's Pizza. in Satellite Beach.  Stop by for the best pizza and stromboli on the planet!)  My husband and I divorced after 30 years of marriage.  Fortunately, we remain friends and see each other a few times a year.
     A year after my retirement, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Both the mammogram and my doctor assured me it was "nothing".  However, a "higher power" pushed me to pursue my concerns.  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation followed over a period of nine months.  Today, almost twelve years later, I can safely use the phrase "cancer free"!
     During the past thirteen years, I have volunteered with our local hospital, been active in my church and have been able to spend much time with my family and friends.  But, some of my greatest pleasures have come with the travels I've been able to make! 
     My first trip came in 1972 when I took an 8-country, 35 day, "I'll-probably-never-do-this-again" trip to Europe.  Visiting London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Athens, and point’s in-between was a trip of a lifetime.  Seeing the Matterhorn (whose photo had graced the cover of my social studies book in Mrs. Woltz's class) was a real highlight.  Two years later, I traveled to the Scandinavian countries, and two years after that, I returned to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.  Ten years later, my mom and I took a 15-day train ride across Canada (Toronto to Vancouver) and back (Seattle to Chicago).  What a wonderful time we had!
     In 1995, I took a seven day cruise and fell in love....with Alaska.  This was the most spectacularly beautiful place I'd ever seen...and still is my favorite!  The following year, I met up with my mom and sister in New York City.  There we took in four Broadway plays and visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, amongst other things. 
     In 2004, I began my "serious" traveling beginning with New Zealand and Tahiti/Moorea.  I rode a jet boat on the Shotover River, flew in a small plane over Mt. Cook and considered a bungee jump.  (Fortunately, I was rained out!)
     Next year saw me in India and in Singapore.  Driving past the slums of Mumbai and witnessing first-hand the deformed, the young and the old beggars of India was a shock for which I thought I was prepared.  On the other hand, the beauty of the sunrise while on the Ganges River and my first glimpse of the Taj Mahal were breath-taking.  Singapore was a "lucky" trip as I was able to go with my daughter who'd been sent there by her employer, FedEx.  This is a huge, very modern, very busy, EXTREMELY hot and humid city!!!  While she worked I did some sightseeing, but we both enjoyed our Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel and Long Bar where the drink was invented!  A big drawback? the 22 1/2 hours it took to get there!  (But I earned some serious frequent flyer miles!)
     In 2006 I headed south to Peru, an almost spiritual trip!  I visited the Catedral of Cusco, the most spectacular and beautiful cathedral second only to St. Peter's in Rome.  I climbed up, into and through much of Machu Picchu.  This, along with walking on and visiting with the people who lived on one of the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, again brought back memories of my 6th grade social studies class.
     In 2007, I flew to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and traveled around Banff, Lake Louise, and Glacier National Park (the Canadian and the US parts).  The (frigid) highlight was scooping up and drinking some glacier water from the Athabasca Glacier.
     Last year was a super year for traveling.  In February, I flew with friends to Cairo, Egypt.  Do you know how relaxing it is to sail on the Nile?  Do you know how it feels to run your finger through 2000+ year old hieroglyphs?  Do you know the feeling of standing at the base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops?  I do, and it is simply indescribable!!!  I also spent 11 days driving from one side of Costa Rica to the other!   I had howler monkeys jumping from trees onto my cabin roof, watched as 3-toed sloths moved EVER so slowly and walked through a rain a downpour!  I also hiked through a cloud forest and jumped off eight different platforms on a zipline through and above another kind of forest.  As you can see, I am enjoying life to the fullest.  God has truly blessed me with His grace and I awake each morning grateful to Him. for it all.
     I have wonderful memories, including many from Coral Gables High!  Among them are the experiences of marching with the Cavaliettes in the Orange Bowl as well as the O. B. parade on New Year's Eve.  (Now the painful blisters at the end were not so memorable!)  I remember meeting friends at different "corners" or sections of the hallways, depending on who you were dating at the time!  Driving through Jimmy's Hurricane drive-in to see if "anyone" was there, going to Tyler's for a piece of chocolate cream pie, dances in the cafeteria, slumber parties (where I managed to avoid trouble), swimming at Venetian Pool, Crandon Park or Matheson Hammock...SO many good memories.  I always said if I could relive any part of my life it would be high school!!!
     I look forward to seeing the rest of you at the reunion.  I'm told this may very well be our "last hurrah", so please come so we can visit and laugh and remember!
Barbara Chesneau, (George Granas)
   My life has been blessed by my being at the right place at the right time to meet people who have changed and influenced my life for the better.
   After graduating in 1959, I received a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania earning a BA in English Literature.  I taught high school English for four years in Middletown New York.
   I moved to California in the late ‘60’s and involved myself in the Women’s Sport Movement fighting to pass Title IX in 1972, enabling women to get athletic scholarships.
   In the 1970’s I wrote and read my poetry, created a yoga dance and performed at Universities in Women  Study Programs, public libraries and in 1982 at the Cornucopia of the Arts at Viscaya in Miami.
   In the 1980’s I returned to the swimming pool to teach young children swimming.  By that time I became interested in yoga and by the late 1980’s I added a massage license to my wellness credentials and began teaching yoga at the Pritikin Longevity Center then located on Miami Beach.
   I stayed in Miami until 1990, when I moved to San Jose California where I still live.  In the 19909’s I involved myself in the Women’s Spiritually Movements encouraging the recording of individual stories of the lives of women.
   In the 2000’s I found my true love, George.  We married in 2005 =, and divide our time between San Jose, CA and Honolulu, Hawaii.
   I am currently teaching yoga at various locations, enjoying ballroom dancing, and my pet rabbit.  I have no intention of retiring soon, as I love what I do and the wonderful students who continue to support me.
Mary M. Clark, Stone For forty-three of the fifty years since graduation, I've been married to the same wonderful man, Junius B. Stone, Jr. He's a native Arkansan who has taught me the fine art of "hog calling" and been moving me steadily toward his home stomping grounds in East Texas. We have been at the same address for 26 years residing in Texarkana, USA, Texas side.

I'm a semi-retired teacher and he's a full time mechanical engineer with the Dept. of the Army. He hopes to retire someday when the time is right. He says I'm high maintenance so he may never retire.

We love to travel and have been to Germany to visit our only son, Junius Bragg Stone III, who is a broadcaster with the Armed Forces Network and stationed there. He is a never been married so we've lost most hope of having grandchildren.

We've made several mission trips to Mexico, construction and evangelism. J.B. even went to Ecuador to do the same. We love the Lord and serve Him at First Church of the Nazarene, Texarkana. We also enjoyed trips to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Alaska, and many of the contiguous 48.

We love going to Razorback games and supporting the Hogs where J.B. got his master's. I got my master's from the USF at Tampa.

We were there for the 45th but doubt we'll be able to make this one but thank you for remembering us. Greetings and best wishes to everyone.
Janet Clexton Olivier.    Out of the mist “Best Gables memories” evoked a flood of images for me. Art Club meetings and Mrs. George. Working the caricature booth at Gables Fair. Thespian parties. Slipping out for lunch at Royal Castle with Sylvia. Senior Skip Day at Crandon Park with Margo and Don. The tearful farewells after graduation.
   After graduation my family moved to Orlando and I went to Florida State U., to major in art. Later, I joined the art department at the Orlando Sentinel and was launched on my career.
   They say love can change your life and it certainly did a job on mine. In 1965 I married a sailor from the Cape when he got out of the service. Don and I moved to Illinois and had a beautiful baby boy in 1970. I started my own business “Asbury Graphics” in the Chicago suburbs and supported my husband’s venture into a custom jewelry and antiques business that he still runs today. I designed “junk mail”, illustrated books of all kinds and was art director for a suburban magazine. Then the computer came along and changed the graphics industry.
   The marriage ended in 1985, I went back to school for computer graphics and became “Brand New”!
   My business flourished and I began to travel. In 1990 I took my first ever cruise to the Caribbean and met the man who would change my life again and bring me home to Florida. He is a French Canadian Corporate Travel Consultant who grew up in North Miami. We are happy to be living close to both of our families. Many of his family members still live in Canada and we take frequent trips to Quebec as well.
   Michel and I have enjoyed a lovely home in Orlando for 17 years. I’ve been tourism and guest services art director at VS Publishing for the last 10 years. During that time his company has grown from two publications to 27 different products including the acquisition of Lifestyle Publications in 2005.
   We laugh every day and travel whenever and wherever we can. My son, Michael, still lives in Illinois with his wife and 10 year old daughter.
   Soon I will retire and paint. Life is good!    2008
Rev Dr. Stephen Combs,
I think when I was at Gables everyone called me “Steve” – unless it was Nerd, Weirdo, Bugs, or just Hey You.  My preference now is Stephen.  My GHS years were not the most pleasant years of my life, as I was sort of tall, extremely skinny, had excessively buck teeth, wore glasses that resembled the bottoms of Coke bottles, and had a back brace that made two bumps on my back that looked like I had horns or something.  Needless to say, I was a bit self-conscious and had a well-developed inferiority complex.  Most will probably not remember me.
But there were two people and one group that were my heroes – Jane McLean – one of our beauty queens who befriended me and once told me she envied me (me?); Frank Lasky – our “big” athlete who treated me in classes like I was a normal guy; and the “Vagabonds” – a small group of misfits who informally commiserated together because we didn't make it as “normal.”
            Well, I survived – and went to college.  Graduated from U of  F, squeezing four years into five, a ’64 graduate in secondary education, and married somewhere in the middle of it.  Gained some weight and some self-confidence (somehow – must have been because I was a Gables graduate!)  After a year of teaching in Orlando, the wife and I packed up and went to seminary in Kentucky.  Shortened story – earned a master’s in Christian Education, ministered as educator in Kentucky, Florida and North Carolina and then went back to seminary and Univ. of Louisville to pursue a doctorate in some field of college work.
            As I was finishing up my doctorate (Ed. D. in Administration in Higher Education, 1978), I went unexpectedly to work as a nationwide consultant in adult education for Southern Baptists.  Some seven years of that, then back into local church ministry in Georgia, Missouri, and Illinois, moving eventually from education staff to senior pastor.  During those years, as the father of a son, Paul, and a daughter, Mary Ellen, I was remarried in the early eighties to Sue Moore of Nashville, TN.  We have two more boys, Joshua and James, both now in college.  We celebrated our very happy 25th anniversary in 2007.
            In my ministry career, I served pastorates in Missouri and Illinois, taking early retirement from First Baptist Church of Carbondale, IL, in 2003.  I was immediately (1 week later) asked to begin supply preaching at a nearby rural church, became their part-time pastor a few months later, and after 6 years I still love being pastor of our little white church in the dell, Boskydell Baptist of Carbondale.
Also in the past two decades I have been privileged to serve as Associate Professor of Christian Education (distance education program) at Dayspring University of San Francisco, since 1996.   Since 1992 I have been Associate Professor of Christian Education and Leadership, Vice President and Vice President for Student Affairs at Midwest University (near St. Louis), and for a short time as President of Midwest International University (a brief one year affiliate of Midwest University).  I am now serving on the Board of Trustees of Midwest U.  I have also been active recently in high school Christian education.  I taught for one year as the lead high school teacher at Murphysboro Christian Academy, then in 2006 helped to consolidate four Christian high schools into a larger regional high school, serving as the first Principal/Administrator of Agape Christian High School of Southern Illinois.  I retired from there last fall.
            High school years are great formative years.  As I stated at the beginning, my years at Gables may not have been my happiest, but they prepared me well for better years later.  I am grateful that I had the good fortune to go to a superior school in some of the best years of public education.  Many thanks!!! - to all the good teachers, administrators and my student friends, the Cavaliers of good old CGHS. 
William “Bill” Criswell IV, (Sheri)
   After Gables I went to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, on a full Navy scholarship. As a result I had to serve four years on active duty, and later I spent four more years in the Navy Reserves, while I was a civilian. Most of my active duty time was spent in Coronado, California as an instructor in Special Operations. My Reserve time was in a Naval Intelligence billet. While stationed in Coronado I received a Masters Degree from San Diego State University in international relations.
    I was married, while on active duty, and my wife and I just celebrated our 43rd anniversary. Her name is Sheri, my son’s name is also Bill, and our daughter’s name is Brandyn. While it is very boring, it is also funny that the first born of each generation has been a boy, so he got the name William Thomas Criswell. My son is the 5th and his son is now William Thomas Criswell VI. My son has three boys, and my daughter has two. There is great pressure on her to try for a girl, but I don’t think she will do it.
   My first two jobs were with chemical companies, Monsanto and Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical. Then I joined a real estate partnership between Kaiser and Aetna Life and Casualty. It also had a very imaginative name “Kaiser Aetna”. During the 1970s it was the largest real estate development company in the US, and I eventually became the head of sales and marketing for the company.
   While I was at Kaiser, my wife got a scholarship to attend Stanford Law School. She had gone to Berkeley as an undergrad. Since she graduated second in her class, many new avenues opened up to us.
    After a stint as a CFO and Later CEO of a real estate subsidiary of Olin Corporation, I formed my own development company, based in Dallas, Texas, in 1976. A couple of years later Sheri joined me as a partner, and together we built a very large company, rated among the twenty largest in the US in the mid-eighties. I have to admit that during the twenty-one years we worked together that it was great. We are exact opposites, so we never competed with each other. Our best known project was a 60-story office building in downtown Dallas, designed by I M Pei, which won many different types of awards, called Fountain Place. We also owned 13 luxury hotels, with partners, including the famous Dorchester Hotel in London which we sold to Mohammed al Fayed and the Sultan of Brunei.
   In the late eighties we got killed in the real estate crash, and had to downsize to almost where we began. We decided to concentrate on only one or two projects at a time, and never put any significant amount of our money at risk again. Those projects were primarily large resort/hotel projects. Sheri retired from business to pursue her sport. She is a highly regarded competitor and trainer in an Olympic equestrian sport called dressage. She does very well at it and even makes money doing something she loves.
   I continue to love the development business, and I have a partner, who has been with me for 13 years, who was also in Special Operations. It probably is an indication that you have to be pretty crazy to continue in a business which is so risky, and which always seems to involve being the bad guy in most movies.
    Currently, we are developing four projects in Napa Valley, California (yes, we also grow some grapes and make some wine). We have three large projects in Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, in which we play a secondary role, and we are working on another in Dallas. I am also delighted that my daughter, who is a JD/MBA from Kellogg-Northwestern works with us now, and definitely takes after her mother.
    We now live on a horse ranch in the coastal mountains of Southern California, not too far from San Diego. I doubt we will move again. I will try to make it to the reunion.
 Lynne Ellen Dawson, Van Der Wall (Bob Van Der Wall)
   Since graduation in 1959, I've never looked back.  I started off at the University of Florida in Gainesville and decided it was way too large for my taste so after the first semester I transferred to a small girls' college in Auburndale, Massachusetts.  After graduation from Lasell, I then worked in Boston for a year.  I had always dreamed of working and living in New York, so I then moved to New York City to work for Life Magazine.  After a couple of years I got the traveling bug, so this time I was back to Miami for about 6 months and then moved to San Francisco, California to work for a couple of years.  After California I was hired by the State Department to work overseas in Bangkok, Thailand for 2 years.  It was in Thailand that I fell in love with an Air Force pilot and returned to the States 2 years later to get married.  Being an Air Force wife you get used to moving quite often, so we then lived in Colorado where he attended Graduate School for 2 years, then off to Edwards AFB in California where my husband attended the Test Pilot School.  I had my son, Lane, at Edwards AFB in California.  We were then transferred to Norfolk, Virginia for 6 months and then back to Edwards AFB for a few years.  After I was divorced, my son and I moved to Seattle, Washington for 5 years and then back to Miami in 1979 where we have been ever since.  Since moving back to Miami, I married a local attorney whom I have now been with for 27 years.  Our 3 children (2 of his and 1 of mine) are now all married and we are now the proud grandparents of 8 month old twins, Luke and Ashli, who live on Miami Beach.  I love being a grandma!
   My husband Bob and I love to travel and frequently visit friends in the Netherlands and our daughter and her husband who live in London. 
   I retired as a legal secretary 3 years ago, but I'm not ready to bring my rocking chair up to the door just yet.  I am employed full-time as a legal receptionist for a large international law firm in downtown Miami and I love it.  It keeps me out of the stores as I'm definitely a shopper.  My husband is constantly saying that we have a 1 bedroom, 4 closet home. 
    I have enjoyed being on the Reunion Committee for our last 2 reunions and look forward to renewing old friendships once again at our 50th. 
Donna Jean Day Sweeney,
Worked for Southern Bell!
Married Bob!
Moved to Western North Carolina in ‘73!
Built two houses & had a small business!
Got involved with quilting!
Bob died in ‘88 and traveled a lot!
Married Earl in ’92!
Both of us were from Steubenville, Ohio so we moved back in 2000!
Earl died in 2004
I still enjoy traveling, quilting and reading!
Can’t believe we are seniors again & I seem to improve with age! 

Mario A. de Castro My best memories at Coral Gables HI are the wonderful friends I continue to see and able to stay in touch since my days at Ponce.  The wonderful times during Football games, beating Miami Hi and the teachers who gave me goals to achieve and to follow.
After graduating from the University of Miami in 1964, I moved to Colombia, my home country at the time and worked for my fathers business.  Married a wonderful wife Gloria and we have been together for 44 years.  We have three wonderful children and four grandchildren.  Mario Jr. is married to Liliana; they live in the Leesburg, Virginia near Washington DC where Mario is an attorney and they have three children: Daniela, SantiagoMario and Mariana.  Our daughter Sylvia is a very good art artist, lives with us in Atlanta. Our son Jorge Enrique is married to Jennifer, they have one child, Jorge Enrique JR. (Quique) and another is coming in June. Jorge is a product manager for Georgia Pacific in Atlanta. Is wonderful to have the time to be close to all the children and enjoy the grandchildren.
After Colombia, I returned to Coral Gables, Florida in 1968 worked for General Tire Corporation and started my career with General Motors Corporation in 1971.  General Motors gave me the opportunity to reach the executive level. Attended great training courses at the University of Illinois, University of Michigan and the Oakland University and travel to Europe, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia.  During my career, I lived in Tampa, Memphis, Detroit and Dallas. I was able to see and visit the States in the Midwest, Southwest, East and the South.  Great experience to see this wonderful Country.
Today, I live in Roswell, Georgia (Atlanta).  I am a volunteer for the SBA/SCORE in Atlanta. Gloria and I enjoy reading, traveling to Colombia to visit our brothers, sisters and friends. Visit wonderful friends in Atlanta and Miami, enjoy the Children and grandchildren and keep the memories alive and well.

Reno Jackson Dykes,
   A fairly boring story: College, med school, internship, army, marriage, two kids, two grandchildren, general practice, then public and private practice of psychiatry, then retirement.        
Into gardening, music, grandchildren, hiking and fishing the Blue Ridge, Roman history, and good food (and  good wine, of course). Numerous adventures and misadventures in between.
Kay Easter Gilleland
Kay Easter Underill   Kay is currently living in Brenham TX while her place in Galveston is rebuilt, following its near-destruction last September from Hurricane Ike.  
Note: she lived three rows back from the Gulf of Mexico, her home is being re-built on the "beachfront" propery!  
   Kay had 3 children during her marriage to fellow classmate Dennis Gardner; all are now in their forties, have children and live nearby, between Houston and Galveston.  She is a very happy lady, and grandmother!
   Kay is retired after years in school administration, loves to read and walk the beach.  She and her seven cats are looking forward to returning there in early summer this year
Denise Edwards Schultz, (Thomas G. Schultz ’58)
   Fifty years in a few paragraphs – a daunting task – one which I have been dreading since the reunion committee decided to a biography.  Some things never change.  I am still doing my term paper at the last minute.  Sorry, Kay.
            Fifty years!  First of all, how did it go by so quickly?  (. . . I am only 25).  My memory is sketchy.  Fortunately, my husband was with me the whole time and he has an unfailing memory.  God has been generous with me.  He gave me a partner with whom to share a good life – 53 years from the first date.  My high school sweetheart and current main squeeze is Tom Schultz, class of 1958.  We married after I graduated from Florida State University.  We lived in Gainesville while he was in law school.  When he went in to the Army JAG, we lived in San Antonio where our daughter, Kristin, was born.  Once we began our “real” life, we moved back to Miami where our son, Steve, was born.  Flash forward.  Our children married people we love and admire, Greg and Emily.  We have four grandsons:  Reid, 12; Harrison, 10; and a set of one year old identical twins, Cooper and Will.  Tom is still practicing commercial litigation in Miami, but we manage to spend down time in Vero Beach and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I am retired after thirty years as an interior designer.  Now I spend my time as some sort of student:  botanical watercolor illustration, ballet/Pilates, gardening in zone 4 and Bible Study Fellowship.  I have just begun golf lessons.  How is that for optimism?  (or is it insanity?).
            Fifty years ago we had a unique high school experience.  We were exposed to an exceptional education.  I remember in Mrs. Piant’s Latin class I would do my translation homework during lunch – right before her class.  Today, I would really appreciate that class.  Could I get a do-over?  One Latin sentence which sticks in my mind is “Agricola est pulchra”.  I have been waiting to use that line for fifty years.  Unfortunately, a beautiful farmer has yet to come up in conversation.  As I recall, on the social front, we Gables kids thought we were pretty cool.  We had a wide range of things to do:  school dances, some at Miami Beach hotels; a wide range of special clubs; a first class football program, usually victorious; and “Moon over Miami” beach parties all year long.  How fun would that sound to kids from Iowa?  AND we lived in “Ozzie and Harriet’s” neighborhood.
   Fifty years later, we have seen a world of change. For me, the challenge is to keep up without allowing the world to determine my values.
            Fifty years!  Congratulations to all of us who are here to reconnect and renew friendships.
John C. Eichrodt After Coral Gables, I went to the University of Florida, loved the classics and political science, and then went on to get my J.D. (law degree) from the University of Stetson. From there, I went into the Peace Corps and chased Tse Tse flies, vaccinated, and helped gather preventive medical statistics for two years in Togo. My main memory of high school, was French, and the band, where I learned to play the flute. I took the flute to Togo and joined a small quartet
where I met my French wife, also a flute player. We married, and then moved to
Geneva where I worked for the ILO for tens years (U.N.). When the U.S. withdrew from the ILO, we moved again to France where I returned to University to get my degree
and certification in English teaching, which is what I have been doing for the last 30 years in high schools in Alsace. My wife Cornelie and I have three children, one in Paris, another in Geneva, and the third in Stuttgard in Germany. I am now retired here in France, and still play the flute with a local band. And so music and French are still very much part of my life, thanks to Coral Gables Senior High. Have a great reunion.
 Amicalement to all.
Rowe Eikenberry Rogero 
Best Gables Memory. Cavaliette practices and appearances, working on the Cavaleon School Life section, trips to the beach before concerns about sun damage, and the general sense that I was living in a charmed and carefree period of my life (meaning no one had any expectations of me besides school work and someone else cooked dinner for me every night).
Special Events in My Life. Within the first 20 years after high school graduation, Ed Hinton (Class of ’58) and I got married, produced three children, and moved from Tallahassee to Miami to Chicago to New Jersey and finally back to Tallahassee.  After transferring from FSU to Miami Dade Jr College to Douglass College and back to FSU, I finally earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 1977. 
Birthing babies kept me out of the turmoil of the 60’s but the 70’s was a grand decade.  I loved living through the seasons in the north and exploring Chicago and New York with my children.
   Unfortunately, Ed and I were divorced in 1979.  Since then I haven’t moved an inch geographically, but I have earned a Masters in Social Work and spent 25 years working for the state of Florida in mental health, advocacy and health programs.  The 80’s was an interesting decade of single parenthood, pioneer woman experiences, personal growth, and birth of the first grandchild. 
   In 1993, I married Herb Rogero, who was a pharmaceutical agent for SmithKline Beecham at the time and has since retired.  He has two children and two grandchildren of his own.  He shares some roots in Coral Gables, having graduated from St. Theresa High School before attending FSU.
What I Am Doing Now. I retired four years ago from the Florida Department of Health.  I soon found myself a target for everyone needing a volunteer so I agreed to go back to work part-time, figuring a job was the perfect excuse to turn down new commitments.  After 16 months, I realized the error of my ways, and I re-retired this past April.  
   Since my retirements, I’ve been volunteering at church and with the local Hospice. I play at gardening, have taken up watercolors, and attend non-credit classes at the FSU Academy.  I also try to get to the gym on a regular basis in order to hold back the rate of physical deterioration. 
   My favorite things to do are spend time with grandchildren and travel.  We have three grandchildren in Tallahassee, plus two in Ohio and two in Orlando, ranging in age from 19 to 2.  While I actually enjoyed raising my children, I think I enjoy my grandchildren more because the pressure is off, the rules can be looser, and I’m not trying to cook or clean at the same time.
   In the past nine years, Herb and I have traveled to Spain, Italy, France, and Greece, including some time on small sailing vessels off the coasts.   We’ve also taken the river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.  In between the big trips, we try to get around to areas in the US that we haven’t yet explored.  One day I know we’ll have to give up those overseas trips that keep us awake for 30 hours straight but I guess we’ll keep planning them until our bodies or our bank accounts give out.       2008
Judith Eppecht Purvis. I live in Lynn Haven. Florida, just outside of Panama City.  I have three children, two daughters and one son, and two grandsons, who are scattered around the country, one in Jacksonville, FL, one in Illinois and one in Texas. I graduated from college in California and,   until 2004, worked in the healthcare industry.  Some hobbies/activities that I've enjoyed include breeding and showing collies, both rough and smooth, duplicate bridge, reading, theater, and movies.
   Attending Gables with my closest friend, Sandy Gibbons, and remaining close to this day, is one of the two most memorable moments at CGHS.  The other is meeting my future husband, Dave, to whom I was married for 46 years before his untimely death.  Because of his 28 year career as a US Marine, we moved extensively, living in Hawaii, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, eventually moving back to Florida in 1986.
   We were, for many years, RV enthusiasts and explored most of the continental United States.   We also traveled by other means twice to Alaska.  So, not surprisingly, my love of travel was fueled and extended to worldwide places - Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia and Russia, Thailand, India and Nepal to name a few more.  Many of these trips abroad were taken with Sandy and we both agree that India and Nepal are our favorites - so far.
Marcia Fennell Gardner

Events and experiences between 1959 and 2009 created what I call “My Life Quilt”.

The sum of the parts is beautiful.  It is, or has been, at times:  challenging, rewarding, surprising, full of sophistication, and fun.  Sure, there have been a few “snags” here and there along the way, but I have met people, seen places and done things that many others only dream or read about.  

I like to say that “I am not a “gambler”, yet t have taken some chances with choices during my life, hoping  no one gets hurt or is at risk but me.”  Win some, lose some!  (Hey!  I never said I wanted to be 80 years old, sitting in a rocking chair, wishing I had done this or that).

Today, I am in the happiest of marriages to Dennis Gardner, our classmate!  (Check out his “Bio”too; it’s awesome, and I am very proud of his achievements.)

Dennis and I wed in December 2006, live in Houston and are having the “time of our lives”. I am surrounded by love, laughter, am healthy and very content. Lucky, lucky me!

Children:  Two (2) from my 1960 marriage to Nick Polizzi, Joanne’s brother.  Daughter, Andrea (45) a successful fashion designer, lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband and their young children (my grandkids), Shelby and Julian.  We visit as often as possible.  Son, Phillip (43), who says he is “still looking for the “perfect woman” moved to Houston earlier this year. He wants to make a career change, follow his passion and become a professional chef.

Dennis’ four children and their kids are also part of our blended and extended family, which makes for great holidays and many birthday celebrations!

Career:  Colorful….I began modeling while at Gables, did print ads for “Coca Cola” etc., morphed into a high fashion model, was long time charitable volunteer and fundraiser, magazine rep and advertising sales executive. I’ve started several businesses, including a marketing/PR firm; imported art and antiques bought on frequent trips to Europe. I am presently the non-paid Executive Director and co-founder of a women’s support group, Healing Estranged Relationships, a non-profit organization.

Interests:   FAMILY is always “Numero UNO”!  

2. PEOPLE...I am blessed to have a worldwide circle of dear friends.  Some are new and some I have known all my life.  I am always pleased when I can add to the List.

3. TRAVEL…a “must” for the gypsy-in-my-soul.  I have spent much time in western  Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.  I am curious-natured, a big “Foodie”, and generally feel at home with local customs and people wherever I go.

4. ART/ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN…need I elaborate?

CGHS-things I’ll always remember:: Cruising the halls in the morning before classes started; the girls ugly gym suit we HAD to wear; being in Cavalettes and marching in the Orange Bowl parade;  TALLET sisters;  Gables vs. Miami High games….and always wishing I had more curves instead of looking like ”Twiggy”.

This too:

“On Miami’s southern border, reared against the sky, proudly stands our alma mater, Coral Gables High. Onward, upward be our watchword, conquer and prevail. Hail to thee our alma mater, Coral Gables, hail!”

Neil Fiertel I suspect not many are interested in this biography  but nonetheless here it is for the one or two who might find it amusing and for some, I hope, discomfiting. 

The last time most of you heard me was as the Chaplain at the graduation ceremony where I suggested in the so- called prayer that I was called upon to elicit that it was time that we as a society became racially tolerant.  For that I  received threatening phone calls for suggesting that the Constitution was for all people of all races and cultures and  so  left  high school with head held high and my estimation of CGHS as a racist and anti semitic institution well-founded. 

Nonetheless, I have warm feelings for old Mr. Bowlby, the chemistry teacher who inspired and educated, profoundly, and  and rather a different feeling towards the Vice- Principal who represented, in my opinion , all that was wrong with the South and my high school education.  The Principal was a man of honesty and honour and I was lucky that he kept a lock on the extremes of some.  Luckily America must have been listening, if not to me, than to some rather more influential and heroic people other than this callow 18 year old Valedictorian. 

 I went to the University of Chicago and graduated in Biological Psychology. I changed my studies after graduating UC and over the next year whilst teaching public school decided to attend the  University of Miami and then Florida State to study fine arts where I  became a sculptor and photographer after obtaining a BSc, B.A and M.F.A. 
After a year teaching sculpture at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa I had enough of the real South of the 1960s and its undergrowth of threat and night riders  and moved, permanently, to Canada, taught at the University of Alberta  and retired a few years ago as Professor Emeritus. 

 I spent my life making art and teaching what I know and what I  see to my students many of whom I  can now share the word "colleague and friend."

 I live deep in the woods surrounded by sculpture, deer, coyote and the occasional moose and overhead in the long light summer days as the sun makes a long sweep from north east to north west many hawks and, once in a while, an eagle or two rotate in the sky.  I live 40 km from the city of Edmonton, a fine and cultured city with a huge library, perfect classical concert hall and  great research university where I was privileged to work  within a healthy society protected by  Universal Medicare system.  

 I built my eccentric energy efficient home much  by myself and  leaned how to survive sub-Arctic temperatures. For those who do not believe in Global Warming , it does exist and it is here in the North that one sees the rapid climate changes occurring. Winters are far warmer than when I moved here nearly 40 years ago which might be fine for tropical humans but not so good for the wildlife. 

Here I am giving one more nudge to the conscience!

Lea Fitzpatrick Fox. Stuart and I just celebrated out 47th wedding anniversary in May 2009. We live in an apple orchard on the side of Roan Mountain in NE TN, 4 miles from the A. T. at the top.  It’s beautiful!  We’re surrounded by flowers of all kinds (80 rose bushes) and ski slopes in the winter.
   Our 3 sons went to school in Coral Gables – we lived there for most of our working years (I was the first woman to sell Mercedes – Benz in the US).  We also had a home in Key Largo where we kept our sailboat.  All of our vacations were spent cruising the Bahamas and Florida coast.
   My fondest memories at CGHS revolve around Cavaliettes – the annual musical – and creating the decorations for the dances and parties.
Ralph Fossey Lynne and I are still living in Jacksonville, Florida.  We have been here over 40 years.
   We celebrated 47 yrs of marriage August 19, 2008.   
We have 2 daughters.  Jacque is 46 and Cynthia is 43.  Jacque works for Stein Mart.  She is in Accounts Receivable and Cynthia works at Mac Papers.  She is in Accounts Payable.  Neither of them are married, but are very busy with their friends and bowling.  They go to bowling tournaments every year.
    I retired from Anheuser-Busch in 1961 after 32 years.  Lynne and I have done some    traveling since I retired.  We have been on several cruises and also have been to Hawaii and Alaska.  Since I retired I do little things around the house.
    Lynne is a retired X-Ray Technician.  She worked part-time at the Disney Store for a couple of years, as she loves Disney  In the office the walls are covered with Disney Lithographs.  At Christmas, Lynne has a 4ft. Tree covered with Disney Ornaments.  She also has a Disney Village underneath it.  This takes her 4 days to put it up.  Lynne is still working at voting, as the Manager.  She has been doing this for over 35 years.
John Fryer, (Carol Graham 1961 )
Coral Gables Memories:  Having run a large school district for seven years, and having re-visited Coral Gables High School during that tenure, most of what I remember at Gables makes me yearn for the culture of respect and high achievement that characterized our students of the 50s.
   John C. Fryer, Jr. is a Senior Fellow with America’s Choice, Inc., a company that provides educational solutions for schools nationwide.  He assumed that position on December 1st, 2008, after serving for two years as Executive Vice President of America’s Choice, and previously as President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL), a private, for-profit company that provides high quality leadership training to school principals.
   Mr. Fryer moved to NISL, and then to America’s Choice, after serving for seven years as Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida.  As superintendent, Mr. Fryer was responsible for directing the nation's 20th largest school district, with 128,000 students, 15,000 employees and a $1.43 billion budget.  During his tenure the district experienced consistently improved academic performance and received numerous other accolades for its business operations.  Headlines summarizing the 2004-05 school year accomplishments touted the “best grades ever,” in spite of even tougher state test requirements.  The district was also recognized as the most improved district in the State of Florida.
   Mr. Fryer’s background includes 45 years of experience in leadership roles with the United States Air Force, private industry and education.  A retired Major General, Mr. Fryer was Commandant of the National War College and Interim President, National Defense University.  In these capacities, Mr. Fryer led the restructuring of the National War College curriculum to meet post-Cold War national security needs and the demanding requirements for the granting of graduate degrees in national security strategy and policy. The National War College is recognized internationally as a premier school for “up and coming” U.S. and foreign military officers, State Department staff, and other government agency officials.  During his Air Force career, Fryer also served as Senior Military Advisor to the United States Ambassador to NATO; Assistant Chief of Staff, Plans, and Policy, HQ United Kingdom Air Forces; White House Fellow, Special Assistant to FBI Director and US Attorney General; Instructor Pilot and Academic Instructor, Commander of an F-16 tactical fighter wing; Commander of an Air Force research institute, among numerous other distinguished positions.
   Mr. Fryer received a BA in political science from the University of Florida and a Master’s of political science from Auburn University.  He is also a graduate of numerous military institutions and completed training with various professional organizations, including the Senior Managers in Government Course, Harvard University.  He has an honorary doctorate from Jones College.
   He and his wife, Carol, have two sons and four grandchildren.
William Gallogly, (Linda Coleman '66)
Best Memories
My best Gables High days include Mrs. Struther’s English class and snake hunting with my buds in the ‘Glades.
  Greetings to the Gables High Class of ’59!   I recently retired here in Jacksonville, after practicing law for 37 years and continue to practice part-time, with the Public Service Project of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.   After spending 14 years in private practice in South Florida, including large firm time with Smathers and Thompson in Miami, I served as corporate counsel in the banking, title insurance, local government and chain supermarket sectors for the remainder of my career.  Completed my military obligation in the U.S. Army Reserve in ’66 and later served in the U.S. Naval Reserve (JAGC) after law school.   I have been married to the same beautiful, loving woman, Linda (Coleman), a Gables ’66 grad, for 40+ years.  Linda stays busy keeping our family on track and providing Christian care as a Stephen Minister with our church. We have 2 wonderful children:  Dr. Rebecca Markham (Michael), Gables ’90, a research scientist at the University of Texas in Austin and Russell (Erin), a victim advocate with the State of Florida in Tallahassee.     We rejoice in Jesus and thank God daily for the abilities, opportunities and blessings which He has provided and continues to provide to our family!!    Best wishes, grace and peace to all

Dennis Gardner – a (not so) brief biographical sketch.
Fifty years in a few paragraphs – quite a challenge!

First, as they say on the “Nightly Business Report,” let’s do the numbers: bachelor’s (1963) and master’s (1964) degrees in aerospace engineering from Georgia Tech; commissioned officer in US Army Ordnance Corps; three years active military duty assigned to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama (more on this below); seven years a civilian contractor at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, performing re-entry mission planning and support for the Apollo lunar landing program; received law degree in 1974 and was chief of the City of Houston’s Administrative Law Section for seven years before becoming General Counsel for Houston’s Metropolitan Transit Authority; retired from the MTA at age 55 and have practiced law (on a less than fulltime basis) since with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, a 400+ lawyer firm with offices nationwide.

I am thrice-married – two marriages (my first and my last) to CGHS Class of 59 members, Kay Easter in 1961 and Marcia Fennell in 2006 (I don’t know if any other class member has married two women from our class).  Kay and I have three children, Dennis, Jr., a CPA living in Houston, Robert, a finish carpenter living in near-by Galveston, Texas, and Suzanne, an insurance broker also living in Houston.  Upon retiring from the school system, Kay lives in a beach-front home in Galveston where she reads, tends to her many cats and watches the Gulf of Mexico surf roll in.  I have one son from my second marriage, Graham, who works in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having graduated from college in 2007.  [After having three children by age 25, I had my fourth at age 42.  I can testify that one’s outlook on parenting changes a lot with the intervening years.]  I am step-father to Marcia’s two children, a daughter, Andrea Polizzi Sievert, a fashion designer who lives in southern California with her husband and two children and a son, Phillip Polizzi, unmarried, who has recently moved to Houston.  Both of Marcia’s children are Gables graduates as was their late father, Nick Polizzi, and their aunt, our classmate, Joanne Polizzi.  Cumulatively, we have nine grandchildren, seven boys and two girls, ranging in age from 16 to 5.

More subjectively, I consider the fifty years since our Gables graduation to have been very kind to me.  I have had challenging and rewarding work experiences.  As a young military officer, I worked in close proximity to the pioneers of rocketry and spaceflight, including Werner von Braun and the cadre of former German scientists and engineers who immigrated to the US after World War II.  Later, in Houston, I had regular exposure briefing and training the first and second generation astronauts, a fascinating group composed principally of former test pilots who really did have “the right stuff” as described in Tom Wolfe’s book of that title.  At the close of the Apollo/Skylab era, in 1974, I transitioned from engineering to a new career as a lawyer.  While lacking the glamour of the space program, my work for local government was perhaps more challenging, particularly my years in public transit where I was part of a team that embarked on building a respectable regional mass transit system from the shambles of a formerly private local bus system that was under funded, under equipped and under staffed almost beyond description.  After six years of very hard work, we were recognized by the American Public Transit Association as the best large system in the nation.  My current law practice is concentrated in transportation and construction related matters. 

Hopefully, without sounding too Pollyannaish, here are a few of my favorite things:

  • A wonderful marriage after a decade as a bachelor who was reasonably certain he did not want to marry a third time at the age of 65.  Incidentally, Marcia and I became reacquainted as a result of the 45th. Class of ‘59 reunion – a wonderful happenstance or a cautionary tale depending on your perspective.
  • The opportunity to travel for business and pleasure around the world.  I regret not having studied or worked abroad earlier in life but I thoroughly enjoy the international work I do now which has involved travel to Europe, India and Japan.  Marcia is an avid and experienced traveler who shares my interests and who seems to have friends anywhere we go, be it New York, Los Angeles, Paris, or Timbuktu (just kidding about Timbuktu but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did).
  • A chance to indulge my passion for cars and motor racing.  I have been involved in sports car and motorcycle racing with my youngest son (he as a driver and mechanic, I as crew member, wrench turner and, most importantly to him, chief financier).  I also do race officiating for amateur and professional events through the Sports Car Club of America, including Formula 1, the premier international auto racing series.  Some of you may remember I drove a ’58 MGA in high school.  After owning Alfa Romeos, Jaguars and Mercedes over the years, I now play with a highly modified Mustang Cobra fitted with a roll cage, five-point harness, and competition brakes and suspension.  [I do have an adult car, an Infiniti sedan, and, of course, because I live in Texas, a pick up truck]. 
  • Government and politics.  I am not strongly partisan but enjoy the process and the people.  During my years in transit, I supervised the MTA’s lobbying activities and continue to maintain a strong interest in government at all levels.  A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to attend Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government program for senior state and local government officials at Harvard, an experience that sharpened my skills and whetted my interest in how government works and how to make it better.

 I understand this biography is to include a favorite Gables memory.  I am hard pressed to single out one memory from those years.  Rather, I am inclined to refer to a series of emails that circulated several years ago to which a number of people added their favorite Miami reflections from the late fifties along with some vintage photos.  If you contributed to these emails when they circulated originally, thank you for recalling some memorable places and events from our youth.  If you haven’t seen the list, I would be happy to email it to you.

Sandra Ann Gibbons. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, about an hour west of Asheville. I am a registered psychiatric nurse who continues to work PRN.  I have three children - one son and his family live in Atlanta, GA.  My younger son and family live in Florida as does my daughter and her family.   I have five grandchildren, three grandsons (two are twins) and two granddaughters. 
   Things I enjoy doing at home are gardening, reading, crocheting, and home improvement projects.  I love visiting antique shops and auctions where I have found some great additions to my mountain house.  I also love to travel and have taken trips at home and abroad -  to Greece, Egypt, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden,   Estonia, Poland, Russia, Thailand, India and Nepal, to name some.  I was accompanied to many of these countries by my oldest and dearest friend, also a '59 Gables graduate, Judy (Epprecht) Purvis. 
   Meeting Judy, who lived only a block  away, attending Gables with her, doing things together then and remaining the closest of friends is my greatest CGHS memory.
Diane Goble
   I was born in New York on Long Island. We began to spend winters in Miami Beach and moved to Coral Gables permanently when I started the 10th grade. My younger sister had been accidentally killed a few years before so besides not knowing anybody at GHS I was still a complete wreck over that. I guess the swim team saved me from oblivion and accounts for some of my best memories… that and water skiing all over Biscayne Bay.
   After Gables, I went to Florida Southern for a year then a semester at U. of Miami but wasn’t really into education at that point. I went to Nassau to learn to SCUBA dive and ended up staying nearly a year, teaching water skiing and SCUBA diving to tourists at the hotels. Like that wasn’t the best time in my life!! Back on the mainland I did some research at the U. of Miami, swan with the dolphins at Marineland, and demonstrated the first underwater video camera system. Thought about becoming an oceanographer or an icthyologist but got side-tracked.
   My next job was at wFUN radio in Miami Beach. I started as a receptionist and ended up as Creative Director a couple of years later. I wrote all the commercials, jingles, promotions, contests, etc. and did some character voices. Writing and graphic arts became a thread throughout my life. That was fun, got to meet a lot of our favorite rock and roll stars of the day at our “sock hops.”  Almost married one of the DJs, but I was ready to get out of Miami and, as luck would have it, got hired by a R&B radio station in Chicago and drove myself up there in 1963. I had planned on a career in radio but that was short lived. The man who became my husband was an engineer at the station and a year later we were married. Another year later and I quit working a week before our first child was born and soon had two more, girl-boy-girl.
   My husband John was interested in photography, which eventually led him to become a motion picture cameraman. In 1971, he worked on a movie called Deliverance, which was shot mostly on a river in northern Georgia. On weekends, the crew would take the rafts out and go white water river rafting. On our second time out, the raft I was in got in trouble in the rapids and I was tossed out. I was stuck between the raft and the rocks, and was finally sucked under by the hydraulic. As I drowned, I had a near death experience that changed my life. You can read my account at
   A couple of years later, I spent a year in the mountains in the Poudre Canyon near Ft. Collins, Colorado, in our vacation cabin with the kids while John went out to Los Angeles to try to get into the union. I moved there in 1974 but we got divorced in the process (long boring story). He went on to become a Director of Photography and made some great movies. While at one point murder was contemplated, we are now friends. I ended up going back to college, Cal State Long Beach (1978-83) to study psychology (BS and MS). I loved college the second time around. I was the same age as most of my professors. We had great conversations! After graduation I moved back to Florida… my sister lived in Tampa and my mother had moved to New Port Richey.
   My first business in 1986 was The Stress Management Center where I developed and taught educational classes to help people deal with anxiety, fears, phobias and stress. Nobody knew what I was talking about back then! Then my little sister became a massage therapist and we opened a business called Mind-Body-Spirit Integration Center. Besides counseling and body work, we taught meditation, yoga, breath work, chakra balancing, and lessons from the Greater Mystery Schools. Once again we were ahead of our time and people weren’t exactly beating our door down. At least we opened our own spiritual connection and learned to live in a state of higher consciousness with peace of mind, and continue to do so. (I’m not involved with any religion or guru.)
   Business was slow in 1992 so I went out to Los Angeles for a couple of years to help my little brother start a vinyl letter sign shop in Orange County then back to Tampa for a couple more years to help my mother after her husband was diagnosed with cancer. This was my first introduction to hospice work and I became a volunteer, which I still am. I wrote a couple of books and taught classes at metaphysical bookstores and churches about my near death experience and what I brought back from it. I earned another master’s degree in clinical hypnotherapy and specialized in past life regression therapy. I became an ordained minister and a psychospiritual counselor.
   I went back to Los Angeles in 1995 and started a practice there. I loved driving cross country, camping out, visiting interesting and historical places, meeting different kinds of people. I also did a lot of driving when I was married as we traveled a lot by car to movie locations around the country. I think I’ve been in all but 3 or 4 states… lived in 5, moved 38 times so far! That’s when I started developing my NDE website and was able to talk to people all over the world about their fears of death and dying and what comes next, and that has continued to this day. I recently developed a training course to teach trainers (alternative healers and practitioners, ministers, counselors, hospice volunteers, nurses) to teach the Art of Conscious Dying… and just completed another book, “Beginner’s Guide to Conscious Dying” with meditation and guided imagery CDs… Turns out I have this mission in life, my reason for coming back… to help people overcome fear of death by learning the art of conscious dying. Who woulda thought???
   I’ve been living in the eastern Sierra Nevadas in the beautiful ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California for the last 8 years and took up scenic photography while hiking with my dog, Spirit… It looks like I’ll be moving again soon to Sisters, Oregon where my younger daughter lives. I’ve become part of a group that is going to be presenting workshops on the subject of death and dying (conscious dying, near death experiences and afterlife communication) and we’re starting in the Seattle-Tacoma area then Portland and Bend, Oregon this summer… then may do a national tour. I’ll only be traveling as far as I can drive in a day so I won’t be coming to Florida.
   My daughter in Oregon is Stephanie. She’s an elementary school teacher. She and her husband Brian have two boys (10, 8) and a girl (2). My older daughter Cathy lives near me but 5000 feet below in the desert. She’s a graphic artist and has just gotten into real estate. She and her husband Ed have 2 burros, 2 goats, 1 dog, 3 cats and many tropical fish… my non-human grandchildren! My son is the hottest assistant cameraman in Hollywood, does a lot of the big action movies, has traveled all over the world, and has worked with all the big stars and directors. He and his wife Wendy have two little girls (4, 2) and live in the LA area. I never remarried, came close a couple of times, but it’s just not been a priority. Between my work (I’m a workaholic) and my kids and grandkids I don’t have much time for a relationship. Maybe after I retire… if I ever retire! Retire? Who can afford to retire these days??
   Overall, I’ve had an interesting life, good friends, great lovers, incredible adventures, lots of fun and laughter, and look forward to whatever comes next. 
Beverly Gonzalez After graduating from Gables I went to the University of Kentucky and got my BA in Education in 1963.  I was married from 1963 to 1996 and had 2 sons and 1 daughter, and now 5 beautiful granddaughters aged 1 to 9.  We lived in Atlanta and then in 1972 immigrated to Toronto, Canada, where I have lived ever since. From 1978 to 1998 I was a make-up artist for movies, TV series, and commercials with the union IATSE with my married name, Beverly Carr. I now promote around the world school board volunteer programs for high school and university students and graduates  My hobby is traveling and I have visited 31 countries. I enjoy being involved in my condo and its neighborhood, a Unitarian congregation, and live theatre in downtown Toronto. Living a few blocks from Lake Ontario and having a cottage on a northern lake has kept me in touch with the water of my Gables days in Florida. I would love to hear from friends –   2008
Judy Gordan, (John Jaroszewski)
   I have been married 44 years, had two sons, have two grandsons and one great granddaughter. I went back to school, graduated with a degree and became a registered nurse. My spouse and I retired to Georgia in 2004 and love it here. We spend our time traveling and just having fun. Best memories from school were of the football games, majorettes, band, graduation and friends. 
Jacqueline Gorinstein Wolf (Harold Wolf) 
   My husband, Harold and I have been married for 48 years.  We have two fabulous children, Steven and Abby, and 5 adorable grandchildren.
   I am and artist…my drawings have been showcased in several art galleries, both nationally and internationally, and my beadwork is now being exhibited both privately and in different venues.  I use the most exquisite beads, Venetian, hill tribe silver, hand blown glass and very old African trade beads.  I knot my neck pieces on silk threads and all my bracelets are hand sewn and designed by me.
   I had a travel business for 22 years, at which time my husband and I traveled the globe, where I was fortunate to see so many different cultures.  I spent many years photographing locals abroad for my art…My drawings are composed of people whom I’ve had the good fortune to connect with abroad.
   I’m presently taking painting at the University of Miami.
   Look forward to seeing everyone from Gables. 
Glory Goss Wills, (Jack Wills)
Well, here we all are… 50 years later.  I can still remember the halls of Gables High in the mornings…all the different fraternities and their special corners.  We were all so lucky to have been living in the 50’s…they were fun years and Rowe Eikenberry, Madeline Domning and I did the School Life for the CAVALEON in 1959!  Did we have some laughs!  Working on the Gables Highlights and the CAVALEON were a big part of my life in my senior year.  After graduating from Gables, I went to the University of Georgia for two years and then transferred to the University of Miami and graduated in 1962.  I met my husband Jack Wills during summer school and we got married after I graduated…Oh, were we young!  Jack went into the US Navy flight program in Pensacola, FL and became a Navy pilot.  We went from Corpus Christi, TX to Jacksonville, FL and ended up in Puerto Rico for 2 years.  After Puerto Rico, Jack became a pilot with Pan American World Airways and we moved to Old Lyme, Connecticut, where we have lived the past 40 years.  While he was off flying, I was busy taking care of our two children, John and Holly.  When our children started elementary school, I got my real estate license and in 1985 opened my own real estate company, The Wills Company, which I sold in 1999 to Coldwell Banker.  When Pan American went bankrupt (no government intervention!), Jack was able to get a job with Delta Airlines and flew with Delta until 2000.  We then decided we didn't want to spend our winters in New England, so we came to Florida and bought a house in Port Saint Lucie.  It happens to be on a golf course, so we decided 3 years ago to take up golf…what a mistake!  It has become an addiction…hopefully someday we will be really good!  So now we are “snowbirds” and spend our winters in Florida and our summers sailing our 45 foot boat “Jet Stream” between Connecticut, Martha’s Vineyard and Maine.  Forgot to mention that we have been racing and cruising sailboats for 35 years.  Besides golfing and sailing, our other pastime is our grandchildren…we have 5…2 boys (14 & 15) and 3 girls (2, 11, &12).  We take our grandchildren sailing in the summers and have a ball.  That’s my bio in a nutshell.  Look forward to seeing everyone in May, 2009!  
Cathie-Ellen "Taffy" Gould McCallum I guess the one word that describes my life, post Gables High, is “varied.”  It has not always been easy, but it certainly hasn't been boring!
   In September of 1959 I left for Smith College, majoring in French and enjoying an exciting Jr. Year Abroad in Paris.  (My fondest Gables memories include Mr. Campbell’s French Class, the French Club that held its annual Christmas parties at our home, and the debate team.)
   Following graduation, I embarked on the first of a variety of careers:  computer programmer; teacher of French and Geometry at the Everglades School for Girls; mother of one girl and one boy; business manager for an interior design firm; Director of Public Information, Director of Program Underwriting, and on-air interviewer for PBT/Channel Two; world traveler (interviewing American women married to foreign men, living in the men’s countries); real estate broker; radio talk host (WINZ—the Taffy McCallum Show); newspaper columnist for Miami Today; restaurant reviewer; author of two books-- “South Africa:  Land of Hope” and “White Woman Witchdoctor”-- and ghost writer of “Create Your Own Future”; and now running my late father’s real estate management company and overseeing care for my Alzheimer’s-stricken mother.
   Along the way, I have engaged in a large number of volunteer and philanthropic activities, the most significant of which was the founding of an international medical school ( that—as the first of its kind in the world—features computer-assisted, personalized medical education, allowing adults in allied professions to pursue their dream of becoming doctors.  We held our first Graduation Ceremonies in May 2007.
   In addition, I serve on the Executive Committee of the Miami Science Museum, now embarking on a $125 million campaign to build one of the only Museum-Planetarium-Aquarium complexes in the world, in what is now Bicentennial Park in Downtown Miami.
   My other exciting service is on the Board of Non-Invasive Monitoring Systems, Inc., whose Exer-Rest machine is the perfect answer for those who do not, cannot, or will not do aerobic exercise!  (Yes, I use it myself, daily!)
   Less noteworthy than my careers has been my experience in marriage, although I do have five fabulous grandchildren with whom I spend a lot of time—three on Key Biscayne and two in Portland, Oregon, which I visit four times each year.
   When I’m not exchanging political emails with friends around the country, I enjoy travel, reading, and Classical Music, along with occasional free-lance writing projects.
Robert Gunter, (Margaret)
*   US Army 1959 - 1962
*   1963 – Married Margaret McCagh, R.N.
*   Two daughters -- America, age 45, Robyn, Infant, Deceased
*   Graduated University of Miami, BA, Class of 1971
*   My wife and I spent 30 years working at Baptist Hospital of Miami
*   While living in the Redlands, got leveled by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 – rebuilt in 1993 –           retired in 1995 and moved to Ocala, FL
   With health, home and happiness,
   We have no need to fuss.
   Judged by our stack of memories,
   God’s been very good to us.
Ronald W. Gustainus,  Patricia
     I chose civil engineering as a major at the University of Florida, and graduated in August 1966 with a BSCE degree.  Having grown up in South Florida, I naturally had sand in my shoes.  So, upon graduation, I took a job in Los Angeles, California with the Los Angeles County Engineer.  I got married in 1969, and during that time, I worked for the Los Angeles County Road Department and the Ventura County Public Works Department.  Also, I attended night school at California State Long Beach, obtaining a MSCE in transportation engineering in 1976.  I returned to Florida in 1980, divorced, remarried in 1982, and moved to Maryland with a ready-made family of five to live and work there until 1993, when I moved back to Florida after divorcing for the second time.  As you can tell, life was not that easy for me in those days, as job security was one of the problems I faced, all too often!  I finally hit a home run, marrying my lovely wife, Patricia, in November 1999.  I mentioned to her some time ago that I wish that my mom had lived long enough to have met and gotten to know her, as I'm sure that she would have completely approved of her. 
    We are currently living in the west side of Lake Worth in a beautiful retirement community, have a lab named Patsy, bowl in a night league in Boynton Beach, and plan on traveling once again, hopefully when the economy comes back.  My wife bowls.  However, I am a bowler, having obtained my PBA card in 2006.  I bowl in some of the local F.S.S.B. tournaments, and plan to bowl in a Senior PBA tournament at The Villages just south of Ocala in May.
   I am looking forward to attending the upcoming May '59 Class Reunion.  I hope to reunite with and introduce Patricia to many of my old classmates.
Barbara Jean Hammond Day Some of my fondest memories of Gables:   the pep rallies before football games, all the crinolines hanging around the locker room during P.E. because we didn't want to crush them in the lockers,  the ugly white gym suits we had to wear, Grandma Murray never being able to find her glasses (on top of her head) during geometry class, the boys wearing slide rules like swords on their belts,  the “smelly” frog we had to dissect in biology,  being allowed to wear slacks under our dresses on really cold, cold days, and trying to do homework while riding the Biltmore bus home every afternoon.
 Special Events in My Life  
After graduating from Gables, I obtained my BSN from Florida State University and worked as an R.N. for 37 years before retiring in 2000.   During this time I moved all over the state of Florida with my husband, David Day (Class of ’58), who was a United Methodist Minister.  No matter where we lived, there were jobs available for an R.N.  I usually had several job offers even before all the boxes were unpacked!  Often I played the piano/organ in the churches David served and even served as choir director at several, although I had no clue what I was doing.  Fortunately, no one in the choir could read music so they didn't know if I was teaching them the music correctly or not.
   Our two daughters, Cheryl and Karen, are both teachers.  Cheryl teaches middle school math in Brooksville and Karen teaches a multiage K and 1 Class in Apalachicola.  We have five grandchildren, all teenagers now.  Three are driving which is scary!  The oldest starts college this Fall (2008).  When I was a teenager myself dating David at Gables, I never dreamed I would be the 60 something grandmother of his teenage grandchildren.
    Our first retirement “residence” was a house we literally built ourselves on the side of a mountain in North Carolina.  We enjoyed the seven years we lived there but were beginning to feel isolated ten miles from town and so far away from our girls and their families.  In March of 2007, year we moved back home to Florida.  We still have a small cabin in North Carolina where we vacation in the summertime.
What I’m Dong Now  
We are living at Westminster Oaks, a Presbyterian Continuing Care Retirement Community on the east side of Tallahassee.   We are among the youngest people living here but We’re having a ball with all these very active seniors – many retired professors from FSU.   I am the volunteer manager of the Acorn Thrift Shop, run by the residents, which is open three afternoons a week.  Three of my volunteer “sales associates” are 94 years of age and still going strong!  None are under the age of 80!  I am still playing the piano for various activities on “campus.”  In my spare time, I make little (25” x 17”) quilts for the Neo-natal ICU at Tallahassee Regional Medical Center and cross stitch. 
   I have wonderful memories of my teen years at Gables but I am really enjoying my life as a “senior citizen” and think these “golden years” are some of the best years of my life!
 John Henderson (Nan Collins) Slipped out of Coral Gables Senior high in '59. Got through 4 years of college with a BS in Chemistry (Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC)  Served two years in Germany with the Airborne infantry as a second Lieutenant, but made Captain in the reserves sometime later.
   I learned about industrial water treatment with Nalco Chemical Co in Mobile, Ala. and Atlanta, Texas for 7 years. Married in Mobile to Nan Collins.  Joined Chemtreat, Inc with 6 guys in 1972 and started operating the Charlotte, N.C. Office. Ended my career when Chemtreat was sold to Danaher Corp. in September 2007.  Great run from zero sales to $300 million and 6guys to 550 guys and girls.
   I understand that I am somewhat of a dinosaur having had the same job 35 years with the same company and having been married for 40 years to the same wonderful woman. I have two grown children 34 (boy) and 36(girl).  I have 5 grandchildren under the age of five.
   My good friend Buddy Browne (Gables '59) died March '08 in Gainesville, Ga. He talked me into buying his St. Johns River house in Welaka, Fla.   It is great if the Real Estate values every make it back. Would love hearing from anyone and especially those in the area or that of Charlotte, NC where I still maintain a home.  The thing I remember about Gables is the sense of community, the social life, the church life, and the academics.  All of these have served me well.  I opted out of College Prep English after two weeks and almost failed College English.  This caused me to major in Chemistry, which I used through out my working career. GOD LOOKS AFTER THE SPARROW aka Johnny! 
Barbara Lynn Hendrik (Bill Frey ’58)
   After graduating from the Univ. of Miami I went to the mountains of Peru with the Peace Corps. My life was never the same again.  Once you see how people live in a third world country and you actually live and work among them you can never forget it.  I am constantly aware of how blessed my life is and to this day I still marvel at a hot shower!
      Upon my return I taught fourth grade in Miami. Then I did the wisest thing I ever did in my life: I married Bill Frey (CGHS Class of ’58). We are celebrating 42 years of marriage this June. Our first two years of marriage were spent in New York City where Bill worked in marketing at Eastern Airlines in Rockefeller Center and I taught sixth grade in a public school in upper Manhattan. That was quite an experience! We saved nary a penny and enjoyed the city to the fullest. Never had a  regret!  After transferring back to Miami with Eastern, Bill went to work for Burger King Corp. We had our daughter, Melissa (married with two children living in La Canada, CA) in late 1969.
      In 1971 we moved to Wilmington, MA where we lived for the next 34 years. Bill became a Burger King franchisee and I became a stay at home mom. During those years I was very active in our Episcopal church, eventually becoming  Sr. Warden. Much of my time was also spent volunteering in the public schools. In 1987 I went on a trip to Honduras to see an Episcopal children’s home and school,” El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza” (home of love and hope).  I was hopelessly hooked and began a 22 year relationship with this amazing ministry to the poorest of the poor in Honduras. As the years unfolded I made many trips down, served on the board of directors for over ten years and spoke in many churches for El Hogar. One of my favorite memories was a three generational trip my mother, Melissa and I took to El Hogar for ten days over Melissa’s Jan. college break. We lived in the volunteer house, slept in bunk beds, ate, worked and played daily with the children. Such fun!
      We enjoy traveling, music, book collecting, boating, birding, baseball (Boston Red Sox), antiques, and adventures. One of our most memorable adventures was a  trip with my mom at age 80 and Melissa from Iquitos, Peru up the head waters of the Amazon dining on piranha caught off the boat. Life is FUN!
      Bill and I sold our business and retired several years ago. We now live in a very Fla. home on Bethel Creek off the Indian River Lagoon in the wonderful small town of Vero Beach, Fla. The beach is just a few blocks away and we feel we are back in “Old” Fla. again – little traffic, few high rises, clean air, and a slower pace. We are both very busy volunteering in the community and flying to CA to see the grandkids. I continue my work with El Hogar. High School football games on Friday nights are a big deal here and that reminds me of one of my fondest memories of CGHS – Friday night foot ball games at the Orange bowl. It’s great to be back home in Florida and we expect to be here a long time. My mom just turned 90. Good Genes! 
Beryle Jean Hooper Slayden (Robert Slayden 1961)  Well, I’ve pulled out my 1959 Cavaleon and looked at all the pages and even read all of the autographs of all of those of you who have been in my life.  Some I’ve known since Coral Gables Elementary School; a brief stay at Ponce and then happily back at our beloved Coral Gables High.  Most everybody wished me luck and happiness and I have certainly experienced these things. 
            My husband Bob and I got married after my junior year at F.S.U.  He was a “Gator” and we had a long distance (144 miles!) romance.  We actually met at Hot Shoppes down on Dixie Highway while checking out each other’s car.  I had that ‘56 avocado green T-Bird and he had a 34 Chevy Hot Rod. After 47 years of marriage we are both still “car crazy”….belonging to a number of car clubs.
            Bob went on to medical school and I did the usual thing that many young women did in those years….had a wonderful son, Scott, and held down secretarial jobs to get us through.  Schooling, internship and residencies took us to many different parts of the country including England, but I always thought we would come back to Miami.  We would both sit around in those days and yearn for the ocean, Stiltsville (Bob’s family built one of the homes out there) and of course Shorty’s BBQ.  This did not happen….we ended up in Atlanta where Bob was Chief of Neuropsychiatry at Ft.McPherson compliments of the Vietnam War and the U.S. Army.
            Once settled in Atlanta, I began my professional career in residential real estate which I have been active in for 30 years.  As a little side note, I also was very interested and active in showing Afghan Hounds and was able to travel throughout the U.S. for 17 years achieving several national championships.  It was a fun thing to do, but extremely time consuming.  Real estate has really been “the thing” which has also helped us to own resort properties in some great locations; Hilton Head, S. C., Highlands, N.C., Siesta Key, Fla. and a home on Lake Burton, Ga. We rent them all, but also enjoy the benefits of visiting them frequently and having lots of fun.
            Our son, Scott, is a successful physician (reproductive endocrinologist) married to a physician, Elizabeth (child and adolescent psychiatrist) who works with Bob and all of us enjoy the three grandchildren, McLean-12, Porter-8 and Kendall-5, immensely. They all live only two miles from us…how lucky can you get!
            Currently we are cutting back on the actual work days, enjoying our classic cars which include at ’54 Gullwing Mercedes, ’62 Porsche and a ’65 AC Cobra 289 to which we have added a classic wooden boat (which is actually older then me) a ’37 Gar Wood and  traveling extensively. 
             Of course, there have been hiccups along the way.  But, all in all life has been good! 
Gayle O. Hudson Owens, (Jim Owens)
A quick review of then and now:
Following high school, I majored in nursing at the University of Miami, and then changed to Commercial Art/Graphic Design. After that I worked for a couple of banks, Royal Castle in their marketing department, then Arthur Mogge Advertising in Coconut Grove.
            I met my husband Jim in 1965 when he came to Miami during his winter break from the University of Maryland. He and a few fellow Sigma Chi’s came down to Miami to get out of the cold. Married him the end of ’65 and moved to Maryland to finish his last semester. I loved Maryland!
            Art has always been my driving force, so after working for various companies I decided to start a graphic design business. It was exciting and totally exhausting. I took two different breaks and got my feet wet in real estate for awhile, once in Ohio and once in Florida. I partially retired when we moved to Florida in 1994. Jim worked for Procter and Gamble for 30 years which took us from Maryland to New Jersey and then Cincinnati, Ohio, Florida, back to Cinci. We’re both retired now and live in Sarasota, FL and seem to be at least as busy as ever…but this is fun stuff. Jim volunteers a lot and I still pursue art, photography and poetry.  I do a little business consulting. Love to travel and can’t wait for each time we can be with our kids and grandkids. We read a lot, try to stay healthy and hopefully have a long way to go – so many things still on the “to-do” list. Critter-watching is a hobby too. Our home backs up to a small nature preserve that affords us a continual show of wonderful wildlife and birds. A bobcat walking through the yard is not unusual. The camera is never far away. Always looking for a challenge, I start guitar lessons next month (Christmas gift from Jim).  I’m giving him earplugs for his B.D.
            Our son, Jim lives in northern KY, works for the EPA in Cincinnati as an environmental scientist and also has a degree in Environmental Law. He has three children (our grandkids) and a beautiful wife who is a director at a non-profit organization that provides aid to the elderly and those with disabilities. Jimmy’s oldest daughter graduates from high school this year.
            Our daughter, Debbie, lives in Irvine, CA. She is the owner of Newport Permanent Makeup in Newport Beach, CA. Debbie has one son (another grandkid) who is in graduate school in California. He just returned from Yemen where he learned Arabic firsthand as part of his graduate school studies.
Pets: Always had German Shepherds - don’t now but really miss having one.
   I’m looking forward to our reunion in May. Kitty (Shultz) Hatcher is flying in to Sarasota from Baltimore and we’ll drive down to Coral Gables together – seeing if its possible to stay out of trouble. It will be fun catching up with everyone. Since my niece and my brother both live in Miami I get down there occasionally. Even though we all grew up in the Gables, the Reunion’s planned Gables tour should bring back a lot of memories. (Can we put Tide in the fountains?) I’d love to bring my husband, Jim to the reunion, but he has a long-standing engagement with one of his old buddies to go crabbing in South Carolina. How could I deny him that? 
Dorothy Jones Rumenik, (Roger Rumenik ‘58)
Children: 4 Grandchildren 7
I moved to Coral Gables in the middle of my 10th grade year from Atlanta, GA.  Fortunately for me, Lynne Dawson was in my homeroom and she greeted me with her friendly smile, and I immediately felt welcomed.     Moving from Atlanta to Miami was a huge cultural shock, and it didn't take long for me to switch gears from hayrides to Stone Mountain and hamburgers at the Varsity to beach parties at Crandon Park and French fries at Jimmy’s Hurricane. I loved being a part of Cavaliettes and marching at the football games and parades in the Orange Bowl. .
In the scheme of life now, Gables was just a short blimp, however, the impact it had on me is deep and long lasting—dear friends, fabulous education with teachers like Miss Minton and Mrs. Steele and, most significantly, meeting Roger Rumenik (Class of 58) (through a blind date set up by Lynne my senior year at FSU), marrying him, raising our four wonderful children, and living a very fulfilling life these 43 years in Tallahassee, Florida.
BS (English Education) and MS (Counselor Education) from FSU
Airline stewardess with a nonscheduled airline, offering me the opportunity to go to exotic places like The Azores, Morocco, Tripoli, Spain, and Bermuda.
Survived 4 children within 6 years and now enjoying our successful, happily married adult children and 7 healthy grandchildren with number 8 on the way.
A fulfilling career as an educator for 44 years in a variety of schools and never felt like I was “going to work.”
Traveled many places with Roger, both within the US, and outside of US (Central America, Puerto Rico, Paris, Ireland, Ukraine, Alaska, Caribbean)
Being a part of our parents’ Golden Years since they all moved to Tallahassee to be with us.
I retired this school year, and I am still trying to figure out what to do for this part of life. The school routine is deeply ingrained; however, I’m ready to “follow my dreams.”  Roger, (retired last year from the USGS) and I enjoy doing so many things we are learning how to say “No” to some of the things that come our way. Much time and energy is devoted to activities with our church St. John’s Episcopal, our community projects, and the updating of our house where we have lived since 1976. Fortunately, we are blessed with good health, minus a few aches and pains, and plan to take some leisurely trips exploring the areas we had to ride past in our more hurried days.  I love having so many members of my family close by (our son and his wife and three children live right next door!).  I still haven't cleaned out my closets, but I have started a long term goal of researching our genealogy. My sister Becky (Gables 61) has moved here from California so that puts all of us Jones siblings in Florida within easy access to each other’s activities. Roger and I look forward to this new phase of our life to take time to enjoy our family and friends at a slower pace. I feel truly blessed and can say “Life is good!”  
James Kelly Children 3 sons and 1 daughter Grandchildren 5 boys
Best Gables Experiences;
Meeting Ann and the lifelong friendships made.
Special Events In My Life
Married 46 years – Ann Walker Kelly (1960 CGHS grad)
Children, Wimbledon, 3 Super Bowls, Attending 1980 Olympics U. S. Russian/ US hockey game with my family, travel experiences
What I am Doing Now:
Retired the Coca-Cola Co. Doing what I want, when I want and enjoying the freedom of “my schedule”.
Patrick King I have wonderful memories of the high school years and having the "Gables" experience.  Funny, after a few glasses of wine with friends, I have been known to sing the Gables Alma Mater, too loud and slightly off key, but with great enthusiasm.  No one else remembers their high school alma mater!  Ours was special!  Our school was special.  I'm sorry that I don't recall all the names of the math, English, and Spanish teachers that dedicated their lives to preparing us for our college years and careers.  They were very dedicated to our success and I greatly value them today.  I do remember Nick Kotys' name, however.  I did not appreciate him at the time, but I cherish the "Kotys experience" today, even if he couldn't make a football player out of me. 
   Graduated from U of M, military in Germany, MBA from NYU, 15 years at GM, State Farm Agent for 28 years, happily married to Janice for 42 years, a daughter and a son, two grand children, live in wonderful Sugar Land, TX, healthy, happy, and I plan to work to age 90 because I love it! 
   I will not be attending the reunion in person, but will be there in spirit.  I wish I could be singing the alma mater with you.  Hope everyone is happy, doing what you love, and in the best of health
Julia Klements-Thompson "Fifty years and what a trip it's been - nothing spectacular but definately interesting. My fondest memory of the good ole "Byrd Road Country Club" occurred in June of 1959 when I out the door knowing it was finally over! I've enjoyed forty years of diverse work experience as cartographer, advertising artist, technical illustrator, B&B owner, sales rep and Realtor. I've managed to travel enough to stack up 60 different residence addresses, been blessed with three wonderful children and five far, and have created enough pleasant memories to last at least thirty more years and counting on it - hope you are. My husband and I retired in 2004 and are living in a log cabin - an old family place - high on a mountain in Western NC with a bold stream outside the front door and 25 miles of dirt roads to hike. We dabble in real estate and manage vacation homes for some Florida folks who haven't had the good sense to hang it up yet, but that's just for giggles. There's a half acre garden behind the house; firewood is stacked, ready for winter and harvest is just around the corner. We figure to be right here - settin' on the porch with an old wolf dog and a calico cat, until the trumpet sounds!"
Beverly Jo Lent Riffle After graduating ( Thanks Taffy for the great party!) I went to Univ of Colorado, Boulder, for my freshman year; was an Alpha Chi.  We had moved to Dallas the night after graduation, so I transferred to SMU my sophomore year and graduated in 1964.  Met George while I was student teaching; a classmate who was engaged to his former medical school roommate set us up on a blind date.  We married in June of 1964 and immediately moved to Baltimore, where he began his Urology residency at Johns Hopkins.  We finished that at Jefferson Medical Coll. in Phila, where George had gone to medical school, and where our first two children were born.  In 1967, we moved to Escondido, CA to start private practice, and have lived here ever since; George is now in solo practice.

Best Gables memories are the pep rallies and the dances on campus....Miss Minton's English class; I can still hear her say "Willa Cather" in her southern drawl.....and Mr. Bowlby and Mr. Parent.  But the best was Mrs. Wilson's German class, and everyone who made it fun......Tim, Jackie, Neil, Sam, Nancy (Nancy, email me), and I know there are more...Tony??  Steve??

Years later, we took the Rhine cruise and as Mrs. Wilson told us, we got to Lorelei Rock and everyone on board broke into song......except that I had gone to the ladies' room, so I tore up to the deck to sing with everyone and remembered every word she taught us........Thanks, Frau!

Our four children are scattered.....Susan went to SMU, art and communications major,  and now lives in Dallas, in Marketing at Brierley; married to Michael Langley and has a 3rd grader, Kate; George went to Austin College and American University; worked with Michael Keller in LA, F&B at San Ysidro Ranch, Sundance Resort,  managed Picholine in NYC; now lives in Point Loma (San Diego) and opened his own restaurant called "Roseville" last June.....his children (George IV and Nick) go to school at Sunset View, which is the next street over from where Duncan Werth lives, but I haven't spotted him yet!  Anne graduated from Smith, did post-bac at Harvard, and pre-med at Bryn Mawr, and medical school at Jefferson Medical College (where her grandfather, dad, and uncle graduated) and is a pediatrician in New York City (East Village); married to Al Kang, and has a  2-yr old, Henry David Hong Ghu, and Dave, our youngest, graduated from University of Virginia, and MBA from Univ. of AZ;  lives here in Escondido; engaged, and manages George's practice.

I taught school when we were first married; had Susan that year, so took a 22-year hiatus.....went back to teaching when Dave was in middle school, and retired in 2003 from that. Had breast cancer in 2000 and thought I'd better quit (since I was going to die) and neither died nor quit!  Was called back the next year to do NCLB tutoring and am still doing it.  I got my M.Ed in 1989 in London, and went for two summers to the Univ. of Iowa Writer's Workshop.  My favorite class was Comedy finest hour was hearing my slightly naughty skit played on Iowa Public Radio. 

Luckily, I work only 4 days a week, so I use many 3-day weekends to travel to NYC and Dallas.  I'm also doing private English tutoring for Asian college students.

I don't know if Eric Ormsby will read this, but we were evacuated from our home for five months after the October 2007 fires; on our way "home" after work to yet another hotel (we stayed in nine) one rainy night, we listened to Writer's Almanac, and a poem by Eric was read by Garrison was November 14, and gave me such a lift......Thank you, Eric!

We're still cleaning things up; but the San Pasqual Valley is back to green (from black) and all the birds are back, including our little quail family, and we appreciate what we came close to losing. 

Thanks to son George, who is a wine judge, as well as a restaurateur, we are rebuilding our wine collection and learning more about the restaurant business.  We continue our  quest for good food, good wine, and better sushi.

I was surprised to meet Alex Galenes, Gables '61 (my brother Dave's year) at George's Rotary Club meeting here in Escondido.  Small world!  

Congratulations to everyone on 50 years!  Have a wonderful weekend!
Frank J. LoPinto Best Gables Memories
Going to a wonderful school in a great decade.  Being in the Band of Distinction and marching in the Orange Bowl parades.  Making wonderful friends, many with whom I am still in touch.  I enjoyed the great movies at the Miracle Theater and going to exciting football games.
Special Events In My Life
After graduating from Gables, I joined the Coast Guard.
Graduated from the University of Miami and then taught art for 10 years before going to Nova University for a Master of Science degree in computer arts.
What I’m Doing Now
I am retired from the Dade County Schools where I was an art teacher for 28 years.
I enjoy working on my art, reading, cooking, traveling, especially on cruise ships, and watching college football games.
Joe Lunsford, (Kenny)
    Stetson University '60-'63 B.A. degree
 Met and married Kenny Butler from Morgantown, West Virginia
     University of Tennessee Dental School '64-'67 D.D.S. degree
 Memphis, TN
     Georgetown University for Orthodontic Residency '67-'69
 for Master of Science (M.S.) in Orthodontics
     Practicing in Palm Beach County since '69
     Still in active orthodontic practice in West Palm Beach
 1 Wife (same-Kenny)
2 Daughters, Caroline and Leila
1 Granddaughter, Kate
3 Dogs
Vacation Spots in Angel Fire, NM and Florida Keys
Thomas Macloskie
   After graduating from Coral Cables High School, I joined my parents and siblings in Charleston, South Carolina.  As much as I had hoped to, I never returned to Coral Gables for any length of time.  I worked for three years at a paper mill in Charleston before going to college.  I went to a junior college in a small town in the middle part of Georgia.  After the required two years, I transferred to the University of Georgia and graduated in 1966 with a degree in Political Science.  I went into retail management at a major department store in Atlanta and work there of 5 years, before leaving and representing a home furnishing company and traveling the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina.  When the economy went “south” in the 80s, I resigned my position as regional manager of sales and went back into retail management.  It was at this time that I decided to go back to school and become a teacher.  I received a Masters Degree in 1991 and a Specialist Degree in 2002 in Middle Grade Education and Curriculum.  I have taught school since 1990.  I am especially proud that I was names Teacher of the Year by my peers for 2008.
   I have been married for 38 years and have two children, a daughter and a son.  At this writing, we have a 5 week old grandson and no other grand children.
I have many great memories of Coral Gables, too many to recount.  Among them are the friends that I had and the encouragement, particularly from one person, to reach my goal which was to earn a college degree.  To her, I will be eternally grateful. I fondly remember Shultz’s across from the school, beach parties at Crandon Park, formal dances sponsored by the various organizations and of course, Junior-Senior Proms. 
Carlos Malagon, (Barbara)
Best Gables Memory:  After attending an all-boys military school in New York and transferring to Gables for my Junior year, my best memory is the first day I started at Gables and saw so many pretty girls and the fun atmosphere that existed.  What a difference.
 Special Events in My Life:  Marrying my wife Barbara way back in 1965 and the birth of my two kids, Carolyn and Mark. 
 What I Am Doing Now.  After selling my computer business in Cincinnati in 1998, I retired and moved to Fort Myers, Florida.  I now enjoy retirement by playing tennis, dabbling in real estate, traveling to see my kids and grandkids and doing whatever else sounds fun and keeps me busy.
 Number of Kids and Grandkids:  I have two kids, Carolyn and Mark.  Carolyn is married and lives in Toledo, Ohio, and Mark is also married and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  By way of Carolyn, I have two grandkids, Lauren who is 7 and Tyler who is 3.  Never thought grandkids could be so much fun.
Rosa M. Malice I've been in Texas since 1968 and in Waco since 1980.  Still working full time at various jobs, school bus driver, school mail delivery and grounds keeping.  My Mom is 94 and still rational so I hope to make it into my 90s.
Committed to Jesus Christ since 1967, on my fourth marriage (tsk tsk) and looking forward to domestic bliss at last!
My very short lived and thrilling 18 wheeler career was something Id always wanted and a major accomplishment for me! God bless us one and all. PS My hobby is philanthropy forever!
Judy Mansene Knost. You may remember my Dad Duke Mansene the Mansenes Spaghetti house on 37th Ave across from the Flagler Dog Track.
   I lived in Miami for 35 years.  I worked for FPL and so did my husband Sonny Knost, he was a union Insulator and worked at Turkey Point.
   We moved to lovely Lake Avon Park in 1976 when our daughter was 2 years old. We started a sand blasting and painting business.  I was content being a house wife when due to an accident my husband broke his femur.  Unfortunately we had no Insurance at the time.  With that in mind my husband continued to work even though he went through three casts.  Our four acres were becoming a farm, pigs, rabbits and chickens.  That was the way we were able to pay the medical bills. 
   I started my own window painting business around the holidays that year, did the business books and worked for Ridge Florist for a number of years.
In 1960 I had purchased land in Ocala with the plan to start a horse farm but life has a way of moving us in a different direction that dream took a long time to materialize.  In 1994 we had an offer to sell the pine trees on the acreage and decided this was going to be the BIG MOVE!  We spent many weekends getting the acreage ready for cattle or horses, moved a 16 foot travel trailer on the land and began life in Ocala.  We found a man to build our dream retirement home with Sonny doing a lot of the wood working.  Sadly he never got to see the finished product, he passed away in 1997.  The house was completed, more fencing went up, a small barn and a large mobile home on the back which I rent out.  Im about to get cows after fencing cleaned up the back 8 acres.
   My husband and I had 1 daughter he had 2 girls from a previous marriage. We have 4 grand children.
   My most memorable moment at Gables was beating Miami High.
   It will be good to reconnect with some of the group I knew.   2008   
Demaris Marshall Van Winkle
Following graduation from Gables, I attended the University of Tennessee where I majored in Elem. Ed.  Upon graduation from UT, I headed to Decatur, Georgia where I taught one year for Dekalb County Schools.  In 1964, I married Mike and we moved to Indianapolis,IN where I taught for 2 years.  We moved to Kokomo, IN in 1967 where we raised our three daughters Michelle, Kelly and Marianne.  Mike and I are still in Kokomo,but we also have a home on Lake Manitou in Rochester, IN.  After being a stay-at-home mom, I went back to teaching in 1989.  I was fortunate to teach at the Elementary School where two of our granddaughters would attend.  Although I retired in 2007, I still substitute when I'm available.
Retirement is great!!  I love having time with our three granddaughters Sarah, Emma and Reese and attending their activities.  In the rest of my "spare time", I enjoy traveling in our motor home.  I'm actually one of those "snowbirds" that come to Florida in Jan., Feb., and Mar.  I'm an avid walker and I also enjoy spending time at the lake, playing golf, bridge and reading.
Besides our children and grandchildren, a memorable event in my life was galloping a horse at low tide on the flats at Galway, Ireland.  My travels abroad have taken me to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
High School friendships are my best Gables memory.  Several have continued over the last 50 years.  I also won't forget the Co-Ed slumber party at my house!
Life is good and if variety is the spice of life, I certainly have had my share.
Linda McElhiney Shute My best memories from Gables involve singing in chorus - especially Millard Walker's own compositions. He taught me appreciation of great choral music and fine performances, in addition to music skills.  They led to the pleasure of singing with the FSU Chorus, and once, with them, under direction of Robert Shaw. I am still in contact with some fellow Gables Modern Music Masters members, and we have reminisced about what fun it was singing around the piano and in quartets. Going to Tampa to compete and be part of the All State Chorus under Lara Hoggard's direction - and while we were there, seeing the forbidden, "adult" film, AUTUMN LEAVES with Joan Crawford - was an adventure I remember clearly.
          When I was a freshman at University of Miami, I married Richard Shute, who was graduating from their Engineering School. Dick was literally a "rocket scientist," and his work in the space industry and then State and Federal government led us from San Diego to Washington, D.C. with several stops in Florida and Alabama. He worked for Wernher von Braun as Resident Manager for Marshall Space Center's Saturn V rocket at Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo Program. We experienced the moon shots and the Grissom/White/Chaffee disaster up close. Our 14 years in Washington were fascinating, but they can't rival the excitement of the rumbling blast-offs - or the parties that followed.
          Those moving-around years, I raised our two children, studied wherever I landed, did freelance art work, and finally completed my degree at FSU. While we lived in Washington, I took the Amtrak to New York City and Boston and made the rounds of publishers, landing my first contracts to illustrate and write children's books. I have had 13 published, and after a hiatus, am working to do more. I also have taught adjunct at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota and at conferences.
          For the past 12 years I have lived on Casey Key, on Florida's Gulf Coast.  Our location is the end result of Dick's and my water tropism. From our first date, we canoed, sailed, water skied, fished, and swam - in bays, rivers, oceans, and lakes. 
          My life changed drastically one morning in October 2007 when Dick died suddenly and unexpectedly. We were lucky enough to have had 47 active healthy years together. He attended every Gables reunion with me, and we joked that he had earned his stripes as an honorary member of the class of '59.
Mary McEvoy, (Evan Evans-Atkinson)
       My Best Gables Memory is of entering such a big school, from a very small school, and having the opportunity to meet so many bright, interesting, attractive new people. 
   Some of the special events in my life have been:  Studying fine art at the Universities of Florida and Miami after graduation.  Going to a wedding in Mexico in 1966, getting caught in a general transportation strike, and getting married myself before the strike was over to Dick Bishop - a writer and horse breeder who lived outside of Guadalajara.  We had a wonderful time together and I opened my first Real Estate office in 1971.  In 1972 our delightful son John was born.  In 1974 Dick had an accident which eventually led to his death.  In 1977 John and I moved to San Diego, a great place to live.  In 1978 Evan Evans-Atkinson, a friend I had met when he was visiting Mexico, heard I was single and came looking for me.  He was a Newspaper Editor for the Vancouver Sun, in Canada.  We were married in the summer of 1979 and John  and I moved to Canada where I became part owner of a large Real Estate office, John entered second grade, and I acquired two more terrific children, Wanda and Bruce.  Evan taught us to sail and in 1984 we went to Europe to buy a sail boat and for me to study at Cordon Bleu cooking school, a dream of mine.  We spent a year in Europe, I finished my studies and we wandered around stopping whenever the mood struck us.  We left on our boat from Villa Mora (Camper Nicholson 38') and went to the Canary Islands, where we spent three months, and then crossed the Atlantic. (I call this my great religious experience, because I never stopped praying)  We made land fall in Antigua and spent a further year sailing the Island, ending in Ft. Lauderdale.  We sold the boat there, not enough comfortable head room for my 6' 4" husband, and returned to Canada.  We spent some months crossing the US and seeing the parts we had not seen before.  In 1986 my cookbook "The British Columbia Heritage Cookbook" came out and became a best seller.  In 1995 my dear Husband suffered a stroke which ended our dreams of more off-shore sailing.  I am very grateful to have; all of our children doing well,  three beautiful grand-daughters, a home I love, great friends and this year to celebrate 30 years of marriage with my witty, charming, handsome husband.  I am so lucky. 
   In the future I hope to finish the two additional books I have half done on my computer (Mary, can you spell procrastinate) see the Terra Cotta Army in China and see the paintings in the Hermitage in Russia.  Hopefully we will welcome more - grand-children to the family and spend as many years as I am given with my dear husband.  
Lee McGill Lawrence, (Robert Lawrence)
          Born in Los Angeles CA, my parents returned to Miami when I was three months old, destined to be a graduate of Coral Gables High School.  Soon after graduation with the intention of delaying college for a year or so, I answered an ad in the Miami Herald which was to change my life forever.  The ad was seeking people to move to Washington D. C. and work for the United States Navy.  Temporarily I decided to give it a try and so in September 1959 I flew to Washington DC to become a civilian clerk-typist with the Navy, a very brave move on my part because I went alone with only a job, but not knowing a soul and with no place to live.  It wasn't long before I realized that in the 60’s, Washington, D.C. was much more interesting and exciting than any college could be.  Thirty six years later I retired from the Department of Defense as a senior management analyst after a wild ride.  But I’ve gotten ahead of my story.
            Quickly moving through the civil service ranks, I met many interesting people and truly saw the county.  I have personally seen (some closer than others) every President since Eisenhower.  As a young secretary, I supported a highly classified project which quickly was front page news known as the Cuban Crisis.  Later I worked for a group which introduced computers (which filled entire rooms) to non-tactical areas of the Navy.  When I initially worked for the Navy, the payment of military and civilians was done by hand and my office approved those first automated systems.
            As my career continued I was blessed with several mentors and significant training opportunities.  I worked as a management analyst as we consolidated and developed regional computer centers throughout the Navy.  The Navy put me on the road to their activities located around this great country.  I climbed ladders on aircraft carriers and visited shipyards, air stations, supply centers, etc.
            And yes, I also found time to be married, raise children and be involved in our church and community.  I married Bob Lawrence, a native of Alexandria VA, in 1966.  We have two daughters who both have wonderful careers and we are blessed that they both live close by.  Bob and I enjoy traveling, being with family, and did I mention traveling?
            My fondest Gables memories are the pep rallies and football games.  Once during a business meeting, the fact that I was from Coral Gables came up and the meeting’s host proudly told me he'd been football star at Miami High.  I responded, yes and I rooted against you every weekend! 
Ross Mc Voy, Best memories: Many but being at a great school, meeting a lot of very interesting kids ( especially girls ) and running around with my Wheel Club buddies.
   Phyllis & I will be married for 39 years as of August 1. Two outstanding daughters and two equally terrific girl, one boy. Oldest daughter , (Alison) lives in Marietta, Ga.; youngest (Sarah) in Hillsborough, NC in a restored 1910 farmhouse next an historic cemetery. Both got their undergraduate degrees at Rhodes College in Memphis. Master's degrees followed at FSU & UNC.
   Phyllis ( Emory/UF undergrad....UF masters) is retired from FSU where she helped develop computer program for public school teachers. She also lobbied for the Coalition for Exceptional Students.  Alison is just finishing up a role as Antonia in Man of LaMancha ( Atlanta Community Theater ) in addition to the other zillion activities she does including work. Sarah's most recent interesting experience was as part of a team that produced a documentary on the Jazz Loft (whose most famous participant was Thelonious Monk ) for the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke. Sarah is developing web sites while husband Will is getting a fast track MBA at UNC. Alison's spouse is a structural engineer ( BSCE at UF, masters at Ga. Tech.)
    For myself, after law school (UF...FSU undergrad) I did civil jury trail work in Miami for 31/2 years, married Phyllis and moved to Tallahassee. Worked for a couple of state agencies then went back to private practice. Now (and until I call it a day ) with Akerman Senterfitt, Tallahassee office. Practice has included civil & administrative trials, lobbying legislative & executive branches, mediation and representing clients before various agencies. Practice areas include environmental (was Chair of Bar section), land use, aviation (got a pilot's license along the way), hotel & industrial siting, funeral & cemetery law and other stuff.  Joined Tallahassee Rotary; served as President during the Rotary's Centennial year. Like to walk 9 or 18 holes of golf when I get the chance.
    Phyllis, I and "Beau", our Bishon dog, live in a somewhat unique home on a couple of acres. Now that the kids are gone & it is easier to assemble in NC, it all seems like a bit much to take care of so we are looking to down size in the next couple of years.
   I have been very fortunate in my life which like just about everybody else I know has had its ups & downs. What I have achieved (which has not been anything spectacular), I think exceeds my talents. Growing up in Coral Gables was a real learning experience in socializing with others. I am a product of public education. So was Phyllis (who had an exceptional academic record). This education has made all the difference in the world for me and our children. As you can tell from this e-mail (assuming you get this far) we have emphasized education in our family.
   Parting thought: Some of you I see from time to time or hear about. Others I may never see again. But Coral Gables High school was a great ride and I would do it all over again. If anybody wants to e-mail me please do. 
Manuel A. Mena I retired from the State University of New York, College at Oswego, School of Business, as Professor Emeritus in Human Resource Management.  I took my undergradute degree from New York University and Master's and Ph.D., from Cornell University.  I still maintain my office on campus.
William L. Mickey Bill has one son and one daughter and two grandsons.  He owns an independent insurance agency, Alliance Insurance Company with offices in Coconut Grove and Kendall.  His long-time friend, Jim Hermann told Bill about the reunion so this is his first.  In high school he was best friends with Bob Hermann, Mike Adams and “Cookie” Coatney.
Pat Mizell Jobson (Don Jobson)
   I remember always being excited about going to school where I would see all of my friends. I don't remember ever not wanting to go to school. Strange!!!
   After graduating I worked briefly for a finance company before Bob Holliman pushed me into applying to Delta Air Lines for a position as a stewardess. Thank you, Bob, that was a wonderful time of travel and new friendships.
   I met my husband, Don Jobson (class of '56) at Jimmy Hurricane's. Just like in Happy Days, he was cruising with Jimmy Fitzgibbons and I was cruising with Barbara Sinclair. The rest is history, we were married in 1962.
   Don and I have three sons, Dean, Curt and Mark. We moved to Palo Alto, California where our first son was born. Then we were outside of Chicago where the other two boys were born. Don worked for 3M Company and in 1969 we moved to Winter Park, Florida where we remain.
   I entered college for the first time in 1991 and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Central Florida. Don't know what I was thinking, I did not like nursing but I did enjoy all of my classmates and our times together.
   Don and I have backpacked around Europe and the UK. We love camping and went on a three month trip around the US which included the Shanandoah Valley, Niagara Falls, Mt. Rushmore, Blackhills, Yellowstone, Glacier Nat'l Park, Oregon Coast, California Coast, Grand Canyon, Mississippi Delta and New Orleans.
   We still love traveling, playing with our three grandchildren and being retired. Life is good!!! 
Ida Morris, (James F. Bell)
BEST GABLES MEMORY:  all my friends from Gables High, living in Coral Gables and being a teenager in the 50’s; life was uncomplicated, simple and fun.
   In the fall of 1959 I attended Randolph-Macon Women’s College in Lynchburg, Va.  After the first year of spending too much time studying in the library and having to leave campus for dates, I decided to transfer at the end of my sophomore year to a big university with a good football team.   That’s what college is all about, right?  My father, staunch Georgia Tech alum, told me I could go anywhere I wanted to go—except the University of Georgia.  Simple as that—no discussion!  Because I had a few new friends from Birmingham, AL, I decided to follow that crowd and apply to the University of Alabama.  What a marvelous two years I had there—much less library time,  better grades, much more fun, fraternity and sorority parties and Bear Bryant’s incredible football team.  ROLL TIDE.  One of the best college football games of all time was my senior year when Joe Namath quarterbacked Alabama to a victory over George Mira with the U of Miami.  If you want the details just ask—phenomenal! 
With diploma packed away, I moved to Atlanta and went to work in the personnel department of the C& S bank, which morphed into Nations Bank now Bank America, soon to become who knows what.  The third weekend in September, I had a blind date with a handsome, young Naval officer stationed on a submarine in Charleston, SC.  Jim Bell, born and raised in Atlanta, an engineer, NROTC grad of Vanderbilt, was home for the weekend to attend a pre-wedding party for mutual friends of ours.  Long story short:  we went to the GA Tech – Clemson football game together that Saturday afternoon in a torrential downpour; we dated every weekend that fall while his submarine was in dry dock;  we fell in love; he proposed in April; we were married June 27, 1964.
Jim had 2 years left on his commitment to the Navy.  We lived in Charleston, SC for a year then Key West for a year.  We figured that during those first 24 months of our marriage, he was at sea for 20 months—not all at once, but in and out of port.  It was great being so close to Miami that second year.   Jim resigned from the Navy when his tour of duty was completed and we moved to Cambridge, MA where he attended Harvard Business School (’66-’68), compliments of the GI Bill and Vietnam.  So we went from one extreme of hardly ever seeing each other for 2 years to 2 years of 3 meals a day together.  We survived both; the latter was much better.
In April 1966, just before the birth of our first son, in Miami, while Jim was still in the Navy, we committed our lives to Jesus Christ.  That one decision has shaped our entire marriage and life together.  We have been married 45 years—this summer.
 When we moved back to Atlanta, 1968, Jim went to work for a commercial real estate firm, The Adams Cates Company.  A few years later, my Dad and Jim decided to go into business together and opened The Allen Morris Company of Georgia.  They began building office buildings, developing property, leasing office space around the state of Georgia but mostly in Atlanta.  Jim also worked on many of the properties owned by the Florida company.  My Dad died in 1999. (My mother moved to a retirement home close to us in Atlanta in 2003.)  My brother and Jim continued to do business together, selling most of the Florida and Georgia properties.  In 2004, Jim closed the Atlanta office and retired.
After the navy and grad school for Jim, I was anxious to return to the South.  I have always loved Atlanta where my grandparents lived and my parents grew up.  I renewed my membership in the Jr. League of Atlanta, a volunteer organization for women.  I enjoyed making new friends and the wide variety of projects we worked on together. The most difficult, challenging and rewarding job I had was being editor of the monthly magazine, Peachtree Papers, a 48 page, 8 ? x 11, professional publication with advertising, published September to May.  As an English major with a secret desire to work in advertising (no ad agency would hire me—no experience), my dream was fulfilled.  It was great!
Over the past 30 plus years, I have participated in ministries to women within our local church and among women from many churches in greater Atlanta. From 1992 to 1996, I was Chairman and board member of Quest Atlanta ’96, a Christian ministry surrounding the Atlanta Olympics, which brought 28 denominations together to partner in various ministries that reached hundreds of international visitors to Atlanta with the love of Christ. Through Atlanta Hosts over 2000 Christian families opened their homes—free of charge for 5-8 days—to families of Olympic athletes from around the world. What was done in Atlanta has become a model for other Olympic host cities.  I continue to be interested in ministries connected to international sporting events (ie, World Cup of Soccer, Women’s World Cup of Soccer, and the Olympics) as a model of sharing the love of Christ in various ways.  
We are the parents of 3 adult children, Frank, 43, Allen, 38, and Katie, 34, who are married with a total of 8 grandchildren (6 boys—12-2 and 2 girls both 10).  We feel very blessed because all of them live in Atlanta; one family can walk to our house.  It’s busy but lots of fun—never boring.
As our children grew up, I loved being involved with their school activities.   We kept trying to get the boys interested in sports but neither has athletic skills. Fortunately, both discovered Boy Scouts and worked hard to become Eagle Scouts like Jim and my father. Frank loves electronics and is an entrepreneur who started his own computer company in 1992, Intellinet Corporation—a Microsoft solution provider. 
Allen is a people person who is 100% relational.  He is president of The Atlanta Resource Foundation, a 501c3 Christian ministry/organization, which connects young business people with urban ministries that help the poor in downtown Atlanta.  It also encourages and equips students who are leaders on their college campuses in Georgia. 
One of the big surprises of our life was when our petite daughter, Katie, decided she didn't like ballet or piano but wanted to play soccer.  We had watched so many boring basketball/soccer games when the boys were young that we kept delaying getting back into that routine.  Wonder of wonders—she is our athlete and we were in shock the first time we watched her play in a soccer game at age 10.  Her club team was one of 4 girls’ (under 16) soccer teams that went to the US National Championships in Omaha, NE.  Katie made the Vanderbilt women’s soccer team as a freshman walk-on.  They went on to win the SEC Championship that fall and she ended up with a Vanderbilt letter jacket and SEC ring.  Jim and I are still avid soccer fans.
Together Jim and I served for four years on the President’s Advisory Board of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.  In 2001, I completed a 2 year term as board president.
In 2002, I was asked to become a staff member and Director of Women’s Ministries at our church.  As I look back over the events of my life, I can clearly see how God had been training and preparing me for this job which I enjoyed for four years. 
Currently, I am on the Advisory Board of Wellspring Living, a ministry that provides scholarships to women who desire an addiction free life. Wellspring owns two live-in homes in Atlanta where a yearlong recovery program is offered.  Recently we have purchased and furnished a home for young girls (under 16) who have been rescued from various forms of human trafficking.
Gardening is my passion from March to November.  On a trip to southern England with Jim and my parents in May 1990, I was mesmerized by the most beautiful gardens and flowers I had ever seen.  I came home and began reading voraciously about gardening and taking classes at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  After little success and a lot of dead plants, I discovered that no one can grow an English garden in the summer heat & humidity or below freezing winters of Atlanta.  So I learned how to design and grow the elements of an English garden with a southern flare.  I was truly shocked when Better Homes and Gardens magazine chose my garden for a 4 page spread in their February 2007 issue.  Success at last!  
Theodore Morrison MD,
Specialty  Pediatrics
Major Activity  Office Based Practice
Graduation   U of M School of Medicine 1968
Residency    U of M/Jackson
Joyce Noggel Graham
   My favorite memories of Coral Gables High are the people and the fun we had. Fortunately, we didn’t face the serious decisions the children do today, even though everything seemed so important at the time! (Even the way you honked your horn.) Great times were the football games (and how proud we were of the Cavaliers), slumber parties, and walking across the street for lunch….grilled cheese sandwich, fries, and a brownie everyday. (Certainly not my daily routine these days.)
    After college, Emory and the University of Miami, I lived in Winter Park, Florida. In 2000, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for five years. It was the experience of my lifetime. I loved it and really miss the mountains, the culture, and beauty of the west.
   In 2005, I returned to St. Petersburg, where my son, John, and his family live. John and Tracy have 2 boys, 5 and 7, who are fantastic and keep me laughing. 
   My daughter, Suzanne, lives in California. Even though we miss having her close, we love to visit her. She was married this past summer at a historic mountain lodge on Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful and such fun!
   I continue teaching wherever I go and am now teaching second grade at a private prep school here. Teaching has been a wonderful career for me and I have been fortunate to have always taught in great schools.
    It seems I stay busy remodeling my home. Recently, I completed stage three of my St. Pete home
Sue Novotny Thompson I have many “best memories” of GCHS: Hanging out in the halls before school began, being Key Club Sweetheart, attending and marching with the Cavalettes at football games, traveling by train to an away football game, decorating for and going to all the dances, Jimmy’s Hurricane Drive-In, going to the beach.  We were in high school in such a magical decade!
   Where I’ve been and where I am now:  I graduated from the University of Tennessee where I met my husband, Dick.  We moved to New York where I taught high school English on Long Island.  We moved back to Tennessee and then to Dallas, Texas where my husband is a manufacturer’s rep with his own company.  We’ve been married 45 years, but I’m still not sure I want to keep him.
   We have 2 children.  Our daughter is married to an attorney and has 3 children and lives in Denton, TX.  Our son is married and lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  He has 3 children also and flies for Southwest Airlines.  We love flying free!
   I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom; worked part time in the wholesale fashion industry and now I am currently doing the marketing and business development for one of the largest insurance agencies in Texas specifically targeting the construction industry.  I have always taught fitness and still teach Jazzercise 4-5 times a week.
   My favorite things to do:  Bible studies, prison ministry, work out, snow skiing and gardening.  I have been blessed!  How did we get so old so fast?
Ronald Ochipa, (Mary Stockhausen)
Memories: Fast cars, fast girls, and Cruis'in the Car Hops.
Married 1965, and still married to my" child bride". Graduated FSU in 1966. Appointed a State Farm Agent in 1972. Current agency location N. Kendall Dr. & 114th Ave. Miami ,FL I have three sons and six grandchildren. LIFE IS GOOD!!!
Eric Linn Ormsby Chief Librarian at the Library of The Institute of Ismaili Studies, Professor Eric Ormsby has held positions with several university libraries and collections in North America including: Director of Libraries at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. from 1983-86; Director of Libraries at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and Associate Professor in McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies from 1983-86; and from 1996 to 2005, full Professor and Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University.
Professor Ormsby received his B.A. summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Oriental Studies (Arabic and Turkish). He received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University with a specialisation in Islamic theology and philosophy. He also studied Islamic theology and philosophy and Semitic philology at the University of Tubingen, Germany, with Professors Josef van Ess and Manfred Ullmann. In 1978, he received a Masters of Library Science from Rutgers University while working as Bibliographer and later, as Curator of the Near East Collections at the Princeton University Library.
He has published widely on the topic of Islamic thought. His published books include Theodicy in Islamic Thought (Princeton University Press, 1984), Handlist of Arabic Manuscripts (New Series) in the Princeton University Library (1987), and Moses Maimonides and His Time (Washington, D.C., 1987). In addition to publishing many articles and reviews on different aspects of medieval Islamic theology and mysticism, Professor Ormsby has published widely as a poet in such magazines as The New Yorker and The Paris Review and has authored five collections of poems as well as a book of essays on poetry and literature, including Arabic literature.
Beverly Paltridge Thompson, (Tommy Thompson ’58)
School dances, slumber parties and falling in and out of love every two weeks.
Babysitting and buying clothes for my two year old granddaughter.
I married my husband Tommy ('58 grad) in January '62.  We had our 47th anniversery a few months ago.  Our oldest daughter, Dawn, has three children (two boys and a girl) and Bree, our youngest, has two boys.  They are the light of my life! 
Arthur "Art" Paterson I’m still married to the same wonderful girl I married in college back in 63.  We have two Children, a son Shane and a daughter Amber that both live here in Colorado.  Between them we have five grandchildren.
   The most memorable time at Gables was the entire senior year and many good times with the swim team and of course STAGS.
   Special events will be headed by my family and living here in Colorado for the past 45 years.  However this last May two of my businesses / properties were in the bull’s eye of the Windsor Colorado tornado.  One of those was a Day Care with over 200 kids and a staff of 28.  It made the national news with the Today Show, etc. and how everyone survived without a scratch.  It was a miracle.
   Currently I’m trying to retire from 40 years in the real estate investment/development business but seem to be delayed in the construction of tornado damage and collecting from insurance companies.
   Hopefully by the time May rolls around I'll be free of the above and we can head south for a while.
John C. Pistorino Summary of Past 50 years since graduation
• Wife - Maria   seven (7) children  nine (9) Grandchildren to date
• Member of Epiphany Church  for 45 years
• U.S. Coast Guard  Academy , crossed Atlantic twice on Square Rigged sailing ship Eagle
• University of Florida- Degree in Civil Engineering 1964
• University of Miami -Masters Degree in Civil Engineering 1970
• Practice of Structural and Civil Engineering in Miami-Dade County  1967 – present ( Pistorino & Alam Consulting Engineers, Inc.) recently completed two 42 story buildings “AXIS” in Miami
• Served as Chairman for engineering education at Miami Dade Community College 1967- 1992 at  Kendall (South) Campus
• Chairman and member of Miami-Dade County Environmental Quality Control Board  9 years for DERM
• Member of City of  Miami Beach Design Review Board 10 yrs
• Member of Florida’s Building Industry Advisory Committee 15 yrs
• Consultant to Miami-Dade County Board of Rules and Appeals 1974-2006
• Selected as Dade County’s Engineer of the Year 1984
• Selected as State of Florida Engineer of the Year 1984
• Selected as Florida’s Excellence in Engineering Award 1999
• Industry Engineering Advisor to U of M Depart of Civil Engineering
• Industry Engineering Advisor to Miami Dade College
• ABET accreditation advisor to FIU School of Engineering
• Hurricane consultant for FEMA, Monroe County, Miami-Dade county, and Florida Emergency Management.
• Hurricane consultant for FIU International Hurricane center.
• Consultant for South Florida and Florida Building Codes
• Past President Florida Engineering Society Miami Chapter
• Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers
• Past President of the Florida Coalition of Structural Engineers
• Boy Scout and Cub Scout Pack/Troop leader- South Florida Council
• Commodore Coconut Grove Sailing Club 1987. Own 34 foot sailboat
• Still have 1949 Red Convertible I drove Coral Gables High 1956-59
• Enjoy time in the Florida Keys and on Biscayne Bay/camping
• Model Railroader  

Jane Fairfax Ream Jones (Doug Jones) First, I want to say I’m thrilled to see Neil Fiertel’s bio and the link to your website.  I sent you a Christmas card this year, which came back, and I thought I’d lost you.  (I try to send a card to at least one friend every 30 years—guess you moved…)  I always liked and admired you a lot—and I think I’m not alone.  I remember sitting on the (wall?) along the walkway to the cafeteria at Ponce Jr. High, talking to you while we waited for school to start.  You were very smart and funny—and I suspect you still are.  (Of course we’ve met again since then!)
I’m also thrilled to find Bunny Hendrik and Beverly Gonzalez again.  I’ve thought of you so many times and had no idea where you were.  Look for a message in the next 30 years…

Well, looking back it seems more like 500 years than 50.  We live long these days, eh?  And have so many lives along the way.

Favorite memories of Gables:  Miss Ions’ and Mrs. Callahan’s English classes.  Miss Ions was so mysterious and scholarly and Mrs. Callahan so beautiful and endearing.  And of course, I loved English Lit.   I enjoyed chemistry, too, because I thought Mr. Drobner was very sexy.  “Ma” Murray was a hoot and for some weird reason I made 100 on every geometry test.  Go figure.   I never was into all that football stuff.  Harry N’s bloated announcements always made me feel embarrassed.  I just have always loved school.  I like paper and pencils and pens and books (and now computers—well, the internet) and rulers (not slide rules!)—all the trappings of scholarship.  I loved doing research for term papers (hated writing them up).  And of course, I have so many wonderful memories of dear friends and too little time with them.

I left Gables and went to FSU.  I had an assigned roommate, Linda Lannell Rogers, from Sarasota who turned out to be a delightful, life-long friend.  Smart, funny, talented.  She got a degree in Fine Arts and of course became the Chief Procurement Officer at NASA.  (That’s how life works.)  I majored in English, of course, with a minor in Philosophy (was one of three students in the Philosophy Honors Program.  We met at the Sweet Shop and discussed our readings while the professor ogled the coeds.)  I dated a young man who was active in the Civil Rights Movement and who was driven underground when he applied for admission to FAMU in an attempt at integration and the Klan came after him.  I dated one of the other two philosophy honors students who became a Philosophy Professor at the University of Calgary and spent all his sabbaticals in New Zealand and his summers in the French countryside. (I often thought I should have married him!) But I also dated Paul Feehan, an older man (6 years), movie-star handsome, intelligent and sophisticated—and I left school at the end of my junior year to marry him and move to Connecticut.  He was a technical writer for Pratt & Whitney aircraft and later a librarian.  We had three children, a son and two daughters.  Our son is in Tallahassee, planning to move to Scotland soon to be with his lady love.  Our daughters are still in Miami—the elder is a librarian at UMiami and the younger is the Technology Coordinator at St. Stephens Episcopal Church.  They are all smart, beautiful, good citizens of the earth, and I am very proud of them.  I have two delicious grandchildren—two smart, beautiful girls.   Paul and I divorced after eighteen years of mutual admiration and irreconcilable differences. (That’s how life works.)

While Paul was in Library School at FSU, with two babies in diapers and one in training pants, I returned to FSU and finished my degree.  It was a very stressful time, but I “got ‘er done.”  We moved back to Miami where I enjoyed motherhood for a few years, blessed to be able to stay home with my children while they were young.  We had lots of fun. (I speak for myself.)

Deciding that I didn’t have the energy to do a PhD in English, my original career goal, I went back to school at the University of Miami to study accounting (because I like to write numbers on paper).  This was a clear (though not to me) diversion from my real interests.  I finished 18 hours with all A’s.  Then I took Cost Accounting and made an F on my first quiz.  I was in shock.  I’d never made an F in anything.  I dropped out of the program.  I really wanted to be an English Professor.  

After some time brooding about the Accounting Fiasco, and not feeling that I had the energy to do a PhD in English, I entered a master’s program in Higher Education Personnel Administration and wound up as a student financial aid administrator (here come those numbers again!) for twenty years at UM, the last ten as the Director at the Law School.  Now that was a life in itself!  Sixty hours a week with a bunch of attorneys, crunching numbers, will wear you down.  Especially if you are really an English Professor!

In the meantime my mother had a crippling stroke, survived eleven years paralyzed and unable to speak.  My father took up the care of my severely retarded, schizophrenic brother, Bobby, who had been at home his whole life.  My father developed macular degeneration and could not see to drive, so I took up the care of both of them (in my spare time).  When, in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, I found my father and a yard man facing off with a rifle and a machete, I knew it was time to get out of Dodge.  I quit my job and moved to Panacea, Florida with my Dad and brother, fully expecting to return to my beloved condo in South Miami in a short time.  My Dad was 89 and in poor health and I did not expect him to live more than a year or so. He lived to 95, the last years grim.  He had a strong heart, a clear mind, but little sight, no hearing, was diabetic and bored to death.  I became Bobby’s legal guardian.  Grieving for his parents and fighting mental illness, he lived only a few more years.  I still cry when I think of him.  Mental health professionals deserve the best of everything.  It is the hardest job in the world.

After moving up to North Florida, I went back to school!  This time, not having the energy to do a PhD in English (O.K., I’ll quit), I went to Library School and studied cataloging. I volunteered in the local library (there is only one in Wakulla County), where I met Doug Jones, the director.  He is “the most loved man in Wakulla County” (an introduction by the President of the Historical Society).  We started dating and then eloped to Hendersonville, N.C. six and a half years ago.  Doug is “Mr. Wakulla”, the library is the center of our small community, and our lives are very busy.  We live in the middle of five wooded acres with our three “kitty boys”-- Pussy Boy, Billy Bob, and Stripey Jones (litter mates who just turned 11).  Our woods are full of dogwood, redbud,  wild plum, haw, and sparkleberry trees—very pretty in spring.  We also have azaleas, camellias, and hydrangeas to brighten up the little patch of yard near the house. 

I went to work registering voters in our county for the Obama campaign—a most energizing experience.  I can remember in 1958 thinking I should never have children because we were all going to die at the hands of the Russians.  How much more complex the world is now—and how much responsibility we bring to it.

Now in retirement, I have become totally absorbed with genealogy.  I spend all my spare time at the computer doing research.  It is endlessly fascinating--and much closer to being an English Professor.

Thanks to Pat Winter Oakes (another FSU roommate!) for directing me to this website and reminding me to send something in.

I won’t be at the 50th reunion, but I hope you all have a wonderful time.  Be well. 

Antonio Rossmann Classmates, I regret that distance from San Francisco, coupled with being East in the Adirondacks until just prior to the reunion, will make it impracticable for me to join you for what would be my first Gables '59 reunion. I guess we are just close enough to the 50th to make an enforceable promise to be back for that grand one. Thanks to the class committee for establishing our class website and locating so many of us. I hope that through college alumni directories we can fill even more gaps in the next five years. Meantime, by way of a class report for those interested, I'll say that the record of what I've done since 1959 is summarized in the biographical section of my firm's website, link below. After college I was in the Navy five years, virtually all of it in East Asia, and then went to law school. The Navy reintroduced me to California, the state of my birth, and came here to the city of my birth in 1971 to clerk for a California Supreme Court Justice and essentially have stayed ever since practicing and teaching water and land use law.

The real news is that I am probably the oldest first-time father among you having done that at age 55. Our twin daughters will be 12 when we gather for our 50th, so you can count on meeting them then! I'll attach a photo from last year so you'll have some idea what we look like now.

Best wishes for a great gathering! It was inspiring to return for the CGHS 50th anniversary three years ago, and I hope you all find the same experience in greater numbers now.

Lenard Routenberg, (Linda P)
I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for my undergraduate degree in English.  Upon graduation from Carolina I entered Emory Dental School.   After graduating from Emory, I spent two years as a captain in the Army Dental Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Upon leaving the Army, I opened my private dental practice in Atlanta where I am still practicing today.  I am active in the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, the Northside Study Club, and Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity. 
My wife, Lyn is a speech language pathologist and we have been married for 35 years.
My son, Eric is a creative director for Leo Burnett advertising in Chicago.
Our son, Scott and his wife Sofia have each just completed their doctorates in music. 
They both are accomplished composers having had their works performed at Carnegie Hall. 
My hobbies are boating, skeet and trap shooting, traveling, hiking, speed walking, and biking.  I am an avid fan of college football and basketball as well as the Atlanta Falcons.  We also enjoy a variety of activities at our second home in Singer Island, Florida.
Kitty Schultz Hatcher I never planned on being an astrologer. I was always going to be a music teacher. But about thirty-five years ago, a friend talked me into taking and astrology class. I was amazed at how clearly psychological patterns and the timing of events showed up in a person’s chart. I practiced on my friends and family.
Before long, I was asked to write an astrology column for a newspaper and this led me to writing a column for a magazine.  There was such a demand for my “astrological insights”, I eventually gave up my career as a music teacher and became a professional astrologer.
My career has given me the opportunity to meet many remarkable people. Some are famous and some are not. They range from artists and poets to business moguls and heads-of-state. I have clients (and now friends) on four different continents. I love what I do and I am never board.
I was married at 21 and divorced at 51. My husband and I lived in Florida for most of our marriage. Then we moved to Louisville, Kentucky. In September 2000, I moved, with my two cats, to Baltimore, Maryland.
Soon after I moved to Baltimore, I began singing with the Baltimore Choral Arts Society. We consist of about 100 singers and an orchestra.  Most of our music is classical but we sing other music as well. We sang with Dave Brubeck and helped him celebrate his 80th birthday. Two summers ago, we went to France and sang Mozart’s Requiem in three different cathedrals. I am currently taking a break from Choral Arts because I want time to write a book.
When I lived in Miami, my husband worked for Eastern Airlines. He didn’t like to travel but the children and I did. My children were adventurous so we often took “Indiana Jones Adventures” to places like the Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu, Fiji and Easter Island.
I loved (and still love) being a mother. I have two grown birth children and two grown adopted children. We adopted our son from Vietnam when he was one year old. Our Korean daughter came to live with us when she was a teenager. I have one grandson and one granddaughter. I’m expecting another granddaughter this June. I am very proud of my children and their families. We share happy times together.
Anna Jo Shappee Clark (Sidney Clark)
  Two of my favorite Gables memories are the Cavaleon Cavern (where we signed each others year books) and Ms. Minton's English class. 
    After graduating from Gables, I went to Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia where I met my husband, Sidney.  I was 18 and he was almost 20.  In 2009 we will celebrate our 45th anniversary.  We have two beautiful daughters (is there any other kind?) and one magnificent and beautiful granddaughter, Sydney...."grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids".
    We lived in Miami until 1992 (moved 9 days before Andrew hit) where over the years Sid was a teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal with the DCPS and I was a homemaker, housewife, domestic engineer and committee addict with the DCPS system.
   We moved to rural southside Virginia and built our home (Hog Heaven) on Sid's ancestral that we share with wild turkey, deer. fox. coyote, skunk possum, bear and other things.
Life is good!!!   Happy 50th Class of '59!  
Albert D. (Bart) Shaw. After graduation, I attended Florida State University for two years and became a college drop-out.  I was still in the process of finding out who I was.  I married Betty Lee Wood and worked at Sears Roebuck & Co at the Coral Gables store along with Don Thagard. In 1965, after many years of struggle and soul searching,  I found my purpose in life and answered a call from God for full time Christian ministry.  The call was to prepare.  With Betty and two small boys, we left Miami and began a journey of ministry which is still in process. 
     I attended Baptist Bible Institute in Graceville, Fla.  After a semester, I felt led to finish my college education.  I could only find one college that would accept credits for my work at BBI and FSU.  I graduated from William Carey College in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1968 "magna cum laude" with a BA in Philosophy and Religion.  At Carey I saw the light and joined the Presbyterian Church.  We now had three children, two boys and a girl-Clinton, Dale and Elaine.
     So off to Seminary we went on our journey.  I graduated from a Presbyterian Seminary(Columbia Theological Seminary) in 1971 with a Master of Divinity.  I pastored churches in Fayetteville, NC, Blountville, Tn and Gatlinburg, Tn.  In 1982 I became the Associate General Presbyter for Outdoor Ministry which is a fancy title for Camp Director.  I was the Director of Camp Grier in Old Fort, NC in Western North Carolina.  During a ministry of 22 years as Camp Director I took various graduated courses at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Ill on the campus of the University of Chicago.
     I retired from Camp Grier in 2003 and moved to Rutherfordton, NC where I am serving as Parish Associate of the Rutherfordton Parish.  I am also serving an Afro-American Presbyterian Church in Shelby, NC.  My wife has become a Certified Lay Pastor and we serve in the same Parish. We have 6 grandchildren,
      My purpose for attending Gables High School was to play football.  A broken arm ended my football career and I stayed on until graduation. 
John "Jack" Snodgrass. Following graduation from Gables in 1959 I spent 4 1/2 years at U of F getting a degree in mechanical engineering.  I then went to work for Florida Power and Light for 3 1/2 years at the Port Everglades power plant.  This was followed by 1 1/2 years at U of M getting a masters degree in ocean engineering with emphasis on marine corrosion.
   Next I went back to U of F to get another masters degree in metallurgical engineering with emphasis on corrosion engineering.
   While at U of F the second time, I met the love of my life, Jeanie.  I graduated in Aug. of 1970.  Shortly after graduating Jeanie and I were married at Plymouth Church in Coconut Grove.  We immediately moved to Richmond, VA where we made out home for 30 years.  Jeanie is a retired nurse who grew up and completed three year nurses training in Pittsburg, PA.  She was working as a head nurse in Gainesville when we met. Ironically, Jeanie completed a BS in nursing at U of M about the time I was there.  We have one son who is married (no grand children as of this writing) and lives in New York City where he is an executive with a large international public relations firm. 
   I was employed in the field of corrosion engineering for more than 33 years in the aluminum industry.  The majority of the time was spent in Richmond, VA with Reynolds Metals Company (best known for Reynolds Wrap).
   In 2000 Alcoa (formerly the Aluminum Company of America) purchased Reynolds Metals Company.  I was offered a job with Alcoa in their technical center outside of Pittsburg.  Since I wasn’t quite ready to retire and because Jeanie was from the Pittsburg area and still has family here, I accepted the offer.  We pulled up stakes in Richmond and moved to Delmont, PA.  I worked for Alcoa for a little more than 3 years and decided to retire in late 2003.  We then moved to Greensburg, PA where we now reside.  Greensburg is about 25 miles east of Pittsburg.
   For nearly half of my time with Reynolds I was the supervisor of the Corrosion Engineering group.  My work included a significant amount of travel to big cities and small towns throughout the US to visit customers and for various committee meetings.  I also had several overseas trips that took me to such places as Australia, Singapore, England, Scotland, Spain, and Jamaica.  I enjoyed my work, the people and all the places I got to see.
   As part of my responsibility, I was privileged to represent my employers in a number of professional societies.  Most of my society involvement was in NACE International (formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and in ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing Materials).  During my time with ASTM, it was a special privilege to serve as a member of the board of directors and on one of its standing committees.  I continue to be involved with ASTM.
   Since retiring, I have done a little consulting work.  I also have been very involved with our county historical society, serving on the board for seven years (including two years as chairman). Jeanie and I like to travel and to participate in Elderhostel programs.  One of our special trips was driving across the US for nearly a month.  Our marriage survived that experience and we got home still speaking to each other.  We especially enjoy traveling on river boats on the great rivers in our country.  Railroads and train travel are high on my list of favorites.  I am very interested in Florida history and do considerable reading on the subject.  Speaking of which, I am still startled when I read in history books about things that happened in the 1950s in Miami and especially Coral Gables.  How old are we?  We make it to the Miami area every year or two to visit my sister, Betsey who was in Gables class of 1962.  I never cease to be amazed at the incredible changes that have occurred in south Florida since graduation from Gables.
   What do I remember most about the late 50s at Gables? I will never forget Nick Kotys and the pep rallies for the big Cavalier games.  I an betting they don’t have rallies like that any more.
Alan L. Sockloff After graduation, I went on to Emory and received bachelors through doctorate in quantitative psychology.  Spent 34 years at Temple University in the Department of Psychology, from which I recently retired.  Happily married with four grown children who live everywhere but next door.  Currently enjoying life as emeritus professor / photographer, with website at:
Judith Stiles Saucerman I was born in Puerto Rico on September 29, 1941.  My father was a flight surgeon in the USAAF.  In January 1942, my mother, sister and I were sent back to the States (with the other wives and children).  That October 1, my father died in a transport plane crash in Puerto Rico. 
   My mother moved us to Coral Gables in 1943, and we took up residence at 1028 Valencia.  You may remember it as a coral rock house.  Mom called it her “Gingerbread House.”  Like many of us Coral Gables Cavaliers, I attended Coral Gables Elementary, Ponce Junior High, and then our alma mater. 
   Looking back, we grew up in Paradise.  It was gorgeous.  It was safe.  The buses ran on time – every 20 minutes. 
   After graduation, I went to Gainesville and spent four years having too much fun and getting an education.  After graduating from U of  F with a degree in English (so very useful!), I married Doug Jennings (class of ’58).  We were sent by the USAF to Laredo, Texas.  I spent five of the most boring years of my life there, but did have two wonderful sons, and enjoyed the people, the good food and good times. 
   Doug left the Air Force after they promised him a tour of Viet Nam and another four years (if he lived) in Laredo.  It wasn't a difficult choice for him to go to work for TWA.  We moved to Chicago and lived in St. Charles, IL.  Doug and I divorced in 1970 (or was it 1971?).  I eventually moved to Evanston, IL and lived there until 1976, the winter that the lake froze over and it was below freezing for 42 days in a row.  Great city, dreadful weather.  I returned to Miami.
   By this time, Miami had changed to its current status as a border town (a place where you get the worst of two cultures).  For those of you who love Miami as it is now, I apologize for any slur you might detect.  However, as I said – It was gorgeous.  It was safe.  The buses ran on time – every 20 minutes.  Not so much now. 
   I lived in the Kendall area for a year and worked for a State Legislator, Charlie Papy.  When in Tallahassee that year for session, it was reported that the Kendall area was expected to have a 300% increase by the year 2000.  The apartment complex in which I was renting decided not to let people with children live there anymore.  Once your things are packed and in a moving van, the hard work is over….  I moved to Tallahassee.  Seemed like a more sane place to finish raising my sons. 
   They did great there.  Both graduated from Maclay School.  (Dorothy Jones was Scott’s senior English teacher.)  Todd went on to Duke, and after graduating with a degree in geology, went into the US Navy, where he became a dive officer.  He now lives in Lisle, IL; has a MS in Environmental Engineering, and works for Exxon-Mobil.  Scott attended Georgia Tech, graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and now works as a Senior Director for the Holder Construction Company in Atlanta.  Both boys are happily married and each has three children. 
   While in Tallahassee, I went to Florida State and obtained a master’s in social work.  I moved from Tallahassee after Scott went to Tech and ended up living in Jacksonville Beach for 12 years.  During that time I obtained my license as a clinical social worker and began my career as a therapist. 
   For six years, from 1990 to 1996, I was married to John Saucerman.  Some of you met him at the 45th reunion.  We divorced in 1996.  John wanted me to support him in the style to which he wished to be accustomed.  I had a short run (just over two years), as co-owner of a quilt shop (and working full-time as a licensed clinical social worker).  I tired from having to evacuate from hurricanes.  In 2001, I moved to Atlanta.  Scott told me he would empty my drool bucket if I was living nearby, but he thought I needed to learn to drive in Atlanta before I turned 80. 
   So here I am.  I left my private practice in Florida and became an employee of a social service agency which gives me insurance and paid vacations.  An OK trade for me at this point.  I thought I’d retire at 70, but guess what!  So, I plan on working until…..  (I love my work, actually).
   I am still quilting, and just took up learning West Coast swing.  Looking forward to the reunion. 
Parker Edward Stratt When I look at the world and Dade County today, I am instantly grateful that I was able to live in  Coral Gables, and attend Coral Gables Senior High School, while living on the property that later was to become Hot Shoppes (1960), when Miami was so uncrowded and pristine!
As far as my star at Gables, it had to be the Band of Distinction, and anyone that knew me knew that I marched to my own beat, banging a loud drum all the way.
Today I’m glad to be in a Florida State Retirement Plan, with defined benefits, as long as the state treasury stays afloat.
Robert Sutton, (Becky)
   The success of the CGHS football team in 1958 led to recruiters from several colleges seeking CGHS players. In my case, the U.S. Naval Academy offered me a prep school year followed by attending the Academy. I accepted this opportunity and graduated from USNA in June 1964 after having played four years of football and lacrosse for Navy, both teams of which were nationally ranked. Service selection in my senior year resulted in electing the surface navy after commissioning as an Ensign upon graduation.  I was assigned to a destroyer in Jacksonville (Mayport) Florida followed by 34 years of service, which included duty on seven ships and commanding officer of two of them.  The Navy career resulted in tours of duty in Florida, Virginia, California and Rhode Island and, of course, one year in Vietnam, as well as several deployments to the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.  In 1990, I was fortunate to be selected to the rank of rear admiral and then served in the following positions as a flag officer:
·       Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command—(Jun ’90 – Jul ’91)
·       Commander Training Command, U.S. Atlantic Fleet—(Aug ’91 – May ’93)
·       Deputy Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command—(Jun ’93 – Oct ’93)
·       Commander Naval Ordnance Center—(Oct ’93 – Oct ’95)
·       Director, Navy International Programs Office/Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for International Programs—(Oct ’95 – Oct ’98)
   During the 1990-1991 assignment in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, I was the forward-deployed logistics commander for the Navy with headquarters in Bahrain.  I had the honor of participating in the repatriation of our U.S and coalition partner prisoners of war (POWs) upon the signature of the cease fire that concluded hostilities.  As Director, Navy International Programs Office, I had oversight responsibility for Navy and Marine Corps Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and international cooperative programs.
   Following retirement from the Navy in February, 1999, I took a position in industry with ITT Industries, initially as a Director for Air Surveillance, then Vice President and Director of the Systems Engineering and Ranges Business Group, both with ITT Corporation in Colorado Springs.  In both positions I supported tactical ranges of the Navy, Air Force and Army on a contract basis.   In January, 2005, I accepted my current position as President of BecTech, Inc., an engineering services company which provides engineering and acquisition management support primarily to the U.S. Navy in the area of surface ship combat systems.
   My wife, Becky, and I met during a test and evaluation of new systems for the Navy in the mid-1970’s, her as a contractor, me as a naval officer. Our paths crossed several times over the years and, in 1993, we started dating and were married in 1994. Becky was the founder--and is the CEO--of BecTech, which she founded in 1997.  She asked me to join the Company as President in 2005.  We have four children and three grandchildren. We reside in “Old Town” Alexandria, VA, and enjoy a ‘river house’ near the Chesapeake Bay. Both of us are still enjoying working full time and even talk to each other at the officeJ. The recent professional success that we (BecTech) enjoyed was having two of our employees as principal advisors to the U.S. Navy on the “shoot-down” of the errant degrading satellite that was threatening to enter the earth’s atmosphere with an unknown point of impact.
   Education includes a B.S. (Engineering Science) from the U.S. Naval Academy and an M.S. (Operations Research) from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School.  I serve on the Board of Directors of the Surface Navy Association, the National Capital Council of the Navy League and the National Maritime Heritage Foundation and the American Bahraini Friendship Society.  I also Chair the Naval Affairs Committee for the U.S. Navy League. 
   I think the most significant memory from CGHS was the discipline and focus that I learned from Coach Nick Kotys and his wonderful coaching staff—even though we groused about his methods at the time!  I have stayed in touch with his daughter, Judy, over the years, as she has lived for some of this time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where we occasionally visit.
David Stephen Toback,
Professional Career
Security Consultant (electronic systems) more than 25 years.
 Associated Computer Enterprises (ACE), Miami, FL, computer cabling – Owner, 15 years
            Duties: chief technology officer: software development and hardware requirements.
D. Stephen Toback, BSEE, Miami, FL- Owner of Computer Service Bureau, 8 years.  
Del Monte Fresh Fruit Co., Miami, FL - Director of Purchasing ($75,000,000.00 budget), 5 Years.
IBM, member of  Apollo Launch Team, Cape Kennedy, FL, Systems analyst 1964-1968.
General Dynamics Corp., member of Stinger Missile Development Team, Pomona, CA 1963-1964.
IEEE, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, 30 years,
                        World’s largest professional organization
College: University of Miami, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) 1963.
College: University of Florida, Graduate Studies AeroSpace Engineering 1966-1967.
College: UCLA, Graduate Studies AeroSpace Engineering 1964.
Community Involvement
Commissioner, City of Dallas, Commission on Productivity & Innovation since Dec. 2008.
Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), member.
JNF (Jewish National Fund), North Texas board member.
Prestonwood West HOA, Board of Directors, Portfolio: crime and security, 9 years.
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), member since July 2008.
ECHAD (Elderly communal Housing at Dallas), Trustee, Section 8 housing (2000-2007).
C-FIT (Citizens for Improved Transportation), Miami, FL, Founder
            Supported Implementation of rapid transit system (Metrorail). 1978-1980.
            Served on Site selection committees for rapid transit system
                        (Station sites and rail yard site for Metrorail) 1978-1980.
Married to Roberta R. Toback for 45 years.
3 Children, all married:  Monica, Sharon, Jeffrey
7 Grandchildren – ages 8 to 2
Member of Congregation Shearith Israel, Dallas, TX.
Best Gables Memory
How innocent we were. I actually liked being a member of the CGHS student body. I am proud of that to this day.
Very Conservative Republican since LBJ was president.
Voted for John Kennedy (the last time I voted for a Democrat).
Trish Towle Greeves, I regret that I will not be joining you in May for our 50th reunion! I remember many good conversations and nice encounters from the last time I attended. I'll miss having more of them and wish you all a wonderful weekend together. Here's a brief update from Trish Towle Greeves who is still thriving in Minnesota.
First of all, with much gratitude, I want to assure you that I am healthy and of as sane a mind as I ever was. (Of course my daughter has always said she'll never know when I'm really losing it because I've always been a little flakey).
After completing a sixteen-year pastorate at a wonderful United Church of Christ congregation in Elk River Minnesota, I moved to Plymouth, 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. I have been teaching part-time at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and will increase that level of effort next year. I am also gently pursuing a doctorate degree at United focusing on increasing commitment to public ministry in the local parish. I developed a congregational study, Prophetic Faith: Preparing your Church to Advocate Social Justice, which will be published this summer by Logos Productions.
My son, Wally, lives in Vienna, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C. with his wife, Sonya, and my two grand-dogs.  Daughter Kelly and her husband Darren live in Atlanta with my three exceptional, above average grandchildren ages three, five, and seven. Needless to say I am a regular contributor to numerous airlines. My current favorite is Midwest because they serve fresh baked chocolate cookies.
Blessings, peace and many happy memories of our years together.
Bernard "Bud" Trammell (Janie)
   After leaving Gables, I went to Florida State where I met my wife, Janie, who was from Birmingham.  Both of us graduated from FSU and married in 1963.  We then moved back to Miami for a few years where our family increased by two ---- a daughter, Kristin, and a son, Buddy.
     In 1974 we moved to Birmingham and have lived here ever since.  I opened Trammell Equipment Company and am fortunate to have my son and son-in-law both working in the business with me. 
     Since both of our children have stayed in Birmingham, we are blessed to have five grandchildren within a few minutes of our house.  Actually, they probably LIVE at our house as much as they do their own.  Our oldest granddaughter is eighteen and playing tennis for the University of Alabama.  Wow, that dates us!
     We love to spend weekends at our little cabin tucked back in the woods of Mentone in the northeast Alabama mountains --- a favorite spot of our grans as well.
     One of my most vivid memories from Gables was the time that Mr. Rath was so outdone with me that he told my parents that they might as well just take me out of school and get me a job as a truck driver because that was all I would ever amount to.  THAT got my attention!
     I look forward to seeing old friends and revisiting old times at the reunion.
Dale Van Sciver Mack
   How great it was to wake up in the morning anticipating a pep rally and the game that would follow, where we cheered until we were hoarse…or the day the CAVALEON came out and the signing frenzy began.  There was always something afoot. 
   Today I wake up to the solitude of our water and woods in Maine, where all one hears is the rustling of leaves way above (and an occasional lobster fisherman)…or the lapping of water against the hull of our sailboat anchored off some Bahamian island, the water on the horizon a multi-hued blue.  Of course, any of this is always better when my husband (Brad Mack, Class of ’57) and any of our three children and nine grandchildren are with us.  Our life has pretty much been centered around the water…even Brad’s vocation as a sailmaker in Ft. Lauderdale for twenty years. I was a “stay at home mom” (not that I ever stayed home much as a mom of three) until we moved to Stuart, in ’86, where we opened Mack Sails.  Today we are both retired and move between Florida and the Bahamas and Maine.  The best! 
Nancy Ward Loving, (John B. Loving) The Gables football games are some of my most fun memories.  It was just such a great feeling to have the whole school come together and to have such incredible teams during the years we were there.  Of course, the fine parties after the games were also part of the experience!  I also had a group of friends that I loved and have continued find admirable through the years. 
   Following high school, I attended the University of Florida for several years. In 1965, I moved to New York City where I worked at Columbia University and met my future husband, John Loving, who was at General Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in NYC.   We were married in 1967 after he graduated and was ordained.  John was the rector of Episcopal churches primarily in Virginia and Texas.   (I finished my undergraduate degree at Longwood University in Virginia.)  John and I had two sons, Ward and Brad, while we were in Virginia.  Ward, a computer developer with a masters in voice performance, and his wife Courtney have a 6 year old son and a two year old daughter who are our great delight.   Brad, an artist and musician, is single, has traveled the world, and has many interests we enjoy.
   In Texas, I became the Executive Director of the San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council in 1990.  I served in that capacity for 14 years and had the tremendous satisfaction of presenting to West Texas such music luminaries as Wynton Marsalis, B. B. King and Ladysmith Black Mambaso.  Through my husband’s efforts, our church in San Angelo was part of the Episcopal-Russian Orthodox Network and we have traveled to Russia six times since the mid-1990’s at a dramatic time in Russian history. 
   Both John and I retired at the end of 2003 and we moved to Austin, Texas.  We are having a wonderful time here!  I am still immersed in the arts and arts legislation and love volunteering for the South by Southwest Film Festival.  The Austin clay and limestone have challenged my tropical upbringing and I am learning a new set of gardening skills.  John serves in interim clergy positions around the Austin area so we continue to make many new friends.  After never living any place with another Gables graduate, Pat Winter Oakes and husband Mel welcomed us to Austin and have become dear to us.  We travel and visit with family and friends whenever possible.  And we love to show off Austin to visitors, too!
   Thanks to all of you who live in Florida who have worked on the reunions over the years.  I have always enjoyed them very much and appreciate the “Welcome Home.”
Howell Rudolph Warren, MD After graduation from Gables, I began my 12 year post High School education in Atlanta, majoring in Chemistry at Emory University. I obtained my MD from Emory, did an Obstetrics internship at Grady Hospital where I delivered 500 babies, and then completed a 3 year Residency in Psychiatry at Emory, married, and soon became an Army Psychiatrist at the 95th Evac Hosp in Danang, Vietnam.  Joan and I spent the second year at Ft. Eustis, VA before returning to Atlanta to begin a private psychiatric practice and raise a family.  We have been married 38 years and have 3 wonderful children:  (Susan--Davidson, Mercer Law, now Atlanta attorney), Trent (degree in Computer Science, married with 3 month old daughter Grace living 1 mile from us), and Ansley (W&L, SCAD, now in real estate in Vail, CO).  I retired from private practice after 30 rewarding years in 2004 and am now a medical consultant for Social Security, reviewing disability mental claims. 
    Through the years I have been a private pilot, pianist, genealogist, and skier.  As a family with growing children we enjoyed skiing in many places in the West and Europe.  We continue to love to travel.  Recent trips have included Machu Picchu, Petra and Egypt.  
     I have many fond memories from my years at Gables. I recall the fun Pep rallies in the Auditorium with the opponent football dummies swinging from the ceiling, Harry N. Rath on the P.A. lecturing to us that "You can't stay on top by coasting," and  Miss Minton, Mr. Bowlby and Mr. Parent. Gables really did make a sincere effort to promote a respect for a love of learning.  Remember the portraits of the valedictorians hung in the main corridors.   We were at Gables at a great time.
     I am deeply grateful to my parents for my Christian upbringing and to the many wonderful friends and teachers through the years at Ponce and Gables who helped to shape our character and make us who we are today.  I look forward to my first class reunion in 50 years.   Thank you Gables for great memories
Duncan Werth After graduation I attended UF and obtained a BSBA in marketing in 1963. While at UF I enlisted in the USMC "Platoon Leaders" course and was commissioned in the Marines upon graduation. I spent 8 months at Quantico, VA, two years at Camp Lejeune, N.C., a year in Vietnam as a "ground pounder", and ended up in San Diego where I completed my active service in 1967. I married in 1967 and have two boys (33 and 35). My wife died in 2001 and I recently remarried to an absolutely fabulous woman (Believe it . . . life can begin in your sixties!). Gayle's most recent position was as the head of the National Safety Council in the San Diego region.

I worked for Upjohn for a year as a sales rep in 1967/68 selling various prescription medications, got bored, and decided to try my hand at law after every airline in the world turned me down because I wore glasses. I attended the University of San Diego School of Law, obtained my Juris Doctor, and passed the California Bar in 1971. I was in private practice for 12 years (mostly domestic and criminal defense) and have now been a judicial officer on the San Diego Superior Court going on 22 years.

We're just taking a day at a time and pray for the privilege of seeing another beautiful Pacific sunset.

Winfred Whitehouse

Robinson School :  Puerto Rico
Merrick Demonstration School:  Coral Gables, FL
Ponce de Leon JH:  Coral Gables, FL
Institut Le Rosey:  Switzerland
Coral Gables HS:  Coral Gables, FL
University of Nice: Alpes-Maritimes, France
University of Paris: France
University of Innsbruck: Austria
Max Planck Institut: W. Germany
My education started at home with loving & caring multi-lingual & cultural parents, both studying and then graduating at the U of Miami. 
 I learned much as a student at Merrick Demonstration.  Also, I made friends for life. (I can never forget Melinda Willis, Nancy Gustafson & Elizabeth Peck & their families for their kindnesses & for showing me, a newcomer to Florida in the third grade, true southern gentility and hospitality.  Jay Tarpley, Janet Sleight, Charles Magoffin, Diane Goble, Nick Hodsdon, and Jay Pearson were exemplary friends, too).  Many of my former schoolmates visited me overseas, when I was an expat, too.

USAF, Capt.:  Central Europe,   North Africa
USIA, USAID, the State of FL, & the Walt Disney Co.
I have been truly fortunate & honoured to have met and worked with wonderful people during my lifetime.  Having been multi-lingual since childhood has helped me achieve, too.
I have won awards & been recognized for achievements, etc.

I lost parents & husband in the ‘80s, leaving me as a single parent to raise young children; rather, they raised me. 
I repatriated 1989.
Both my children are now post grad Electrical Engineers….Go Gators!!  My daughter is married to a fellow Electrical Engineer.  My son is engaged to a Professor at OSU.  (UF undergrads both, where they met for the second time, as both had been on TV together, each representing his/her schools as HS Valedictorians)
No grandchildren, as yet.

Not having a teenage boyfriend or not going to a Prom was definitely not the end of the world.

Bob Winter
Best Gables Memory Hard to say. All of the Attractive Intelligent Women Classmates and “Good for Nothing Guys”, Beaching It at Crandon Park, Swimming at Venetian Pool,. Great Extracurricular ”Socials”, ..Student Government Activities .
Special Events in my Life and What I am Doing Now
   After graduation I started flying and with my license I had a great time picking up dates. Spring vacations I would charter a plane with classmates and fly from Connecticut to Florida and run charters to and from the Bahamas with college classmates.
   In 1963 I graduated from Yale with a B.A. and a commission in the US Army artillery.
   The Army sent me to Germany as an artillery survey officer with high level intelligence duties. War games were fun as I was always in Corps HQ and privy to all of the intelligence on the opposition including the commander’s peccadilloes, e.g. mistresses etc.. The work involved spending two weeks a month with my men surveying firing positions in the cold rain and snow. (This cured me of wanting to go camping later in life).
   When off duty I was a flight instructor at an Army air field in Babenhausen 100 miles from Kitizgen, where I was stationed and lived in a residential castle. (The john was over the moat.)
    When I finished active duty in June of 1965 I married a Texas woman, Mary, who had been teaching in the US dependent school system in Germany. We moved to Northern Italy Tirrenia del Pisa, and Vicenza. In 1967 we had a son, Robert. I was selling securities to US military and Italians thru a sales organization I built up.
   Late in 1967 I moved to Geneva, Switzerland where I could go skiing 30 minutes from home. I  had securities sales organizations in Scandinavia, northern Africa and Swiss Banks.
   When I lived in Italy and Switzerland Mary and I would spend two week every winter in Kitzbuhl, Austria, skiing. We could get B&B accommodations and lift tickets and live cheaper in Austria than at home. It was also a great way to get into shape for the winter skiing in Switzerland and Germany.
   In 1969 I moved to Brussels, Belgium where a second son, Scott, was born. I traveled extensively in the Far East to Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand, the Middle East including Iran and Lebanon. 
   In late 1970, I returned to Miami and went to work for First Federal Savings of Miami. I handled their bond portfolio and bought and sold mortgage loans nationwide.
   Mary and I divorced in 1972. She moved to Phoenix with Robert and Scott. However, we kept in touch as my job permitted frequent trips to Arizona.
   In 1974 I moved to Texas as the chief mortgage officer of a savings and loan holding company and continued to travel nationwide.
   I also bought a single engine Comanche, N7347P, and to this date have flown it more than 4500 hours. (Someday I may write a book on my flying adventures).
   In 1978 I joined Mitchell Energy and Development, which was developing a New Hometown north of Houston, called The Woodlands. If you follow golf you will be familiar with The Woodlands. I financed the single and multifamily development as the head of its mortgage arm.
   In 1985 I started real estate development of residential condos between Dallas and Fort Worth.
   In 1987 I joined a group of investors in purchasing 3 office buildings in Corpus Christi who insisted that I manage it. provides an overview.
   In 1992 I married Denise, 13-years my junior. For years we talked about buying a place in the country. She was riding hunter jumpers competitively, raising angora rabbits for their wool as well as goats.
   In 1995 we bought 72 acres of rolling, tree covered land with a creek, stable and fencing. It is located 8 miles south of La Grange, TX which is known for its Chicken Ranch and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, which closed before we arrived, thanks to Marvin Zindler, the reporter.
   When I came home to Houston one day in 1996 I found two bottle baby goats in the guest bathroom. The horse and other goats had been “farmed out” in other locations around Houston.
   Having a farm at this time, we decided to pack up and leave Houston. We put a double wide on the farm and moved to the country.
   Denise is an animal rescuer. We started with one hunter jumper. Now we have ten or eleven horses (one is out for training) including two foals born in late May and June of 2007.. Numerous goats, sheep, birds, cats and dogs have moved in with us. Not to be overlooked is Peach the blind raccoon and Princess Chloe, the javalina. Deer and other wild animals including bob cats are in the woods.
   To date farm improvements have been for the animals. Our home and guest house have yet to be built. However, our “cabin in the woods” is on a 24 X 28 foot deck 8 feet above the ground so that the deer and other animals are not disturbed.
   I commute to Corpus Christi in my plane and stay in my 20th and 21st story penthouse during the week. Thus my “city life” is a little different than my country life.
   One last “minor” event, in September 2006 Denise and I adopted our 6 year old grandson who had been living with us since he was 2 and ?. He had been neglected by his parents who included Denise’s adopted son. When he came to us he could not speak. Now you cannot get him to “shut up”. But he is a good kid and enjoys the farm. With his blue eyes he gets all of the ladies attention.
   As to my other sons, Robert, the 40 year old is a real estate attorney with two girls and one boy. Scott the 37 year old is a computer maven with three girls. Both families are in San Diego.
   I never expected to be working on my reading and math at 67, but I am. And I guess that I will continue “to be challenged” by parenting chores for another 10 years or more assuming that I am fortunate to live that long.
   I hope that each of you will share your “life stories” to date and that we can get together for our “50th”.
Pat Winter Oakes (Mel Oakes) Mel and I met at FSU and married when I graduated in 1963 (degree in history and elementary education).  He finished his Ph.D shortly thereafter, and we moved to Austin, TX, in 1964.  Mel is now Physics Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas where he has served for more than 40 years.  We have three daughters , two sons-in-law and two grandchildren.  Beth is on the faculty at the University of Iowa and is the violist for the Maia Quartet which is the quartet-in-residence.  The quartet has also been in residence at the Interlochen (Michigan) Music Festival for several summers and we have enjoyed the music there while helping with our grandchildren. Her husband Eugene is an administrator at the university, and our wonderful grandchildren, Emily, 8, and Ethan, 6, are enjoying school, music, and gymnastics.  Second daughter Sarah is a high school chemistry teacher, living in Bethesda, MD,  and teaching at St. Stephen's-St. Agnes Episcopal School in Alexandria, VA. Third daughter Mardie is an architect, CEO, and social entrepreneur who has just finished building 67 group homes for physically  and mentally challenged adults in the San Francisco Bay area.  Her husband Tony is an author, consultant, and documentarian.  We enjoy visiting our daughters in their very different parts of the country. 
I retired 7 years ago from teaching 6th graders language arts and social studies at St. Andrew's Episcopal School here in Austin. While Mel and I have always enjoyed traveling, we  have enjoyed some wonderful longer trips since retiring--most recently to Australia and New Zealand, China, and Canada.  Unfortunately we will not be able to be at the reunion as we will be on a trip to Spain and England at the time (celebrating our 46th wedding anniversary).  Recently we have enjoyed pursuing family genealogy and are having a great time tracking down relatives on both sides of the family.  I volunteer as a docent at the LBJ Presidential Library, am active at our church, walk three miles a day five days a week with a wonderful group of friends every morning, and work with the League of Women Voters and the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas through the Great Grown-up Spelling Bee.  You might enjoy looking at our Web site--a work in progress at   
Since we were at the reunion 5 years ago, we have seen Beth (Huttig) Rebman, Tita Owre, Jane (Ream) Jones, Nancy (Cook) Walton, Ginny (Aber) Foster, Nancy (Martin) Coghlan--and we see Nancy (Ward) and John Loving often here in Austin.  Charles Archer represented Miami friends at the memorial services of both of my parents in NC in 2004 and 2006.
Memories of Gables  include: "Ma" Murray teaching us geometry, learning to play the snare drum and having a great time with the Cavaliettes--especially marching in the Orange Bowl Parade, learning French from the fabulous Monsieur Campbell--and his sudden death from a heart attack just a few weeks after we graduated, and dances at Vizcaya and the Fontainebleau Hotel.  It is hard to believe that it has been fifty years!  Have a wonderful time at the reunion.  I look forward to seeing pictures of the reunion and reading more bios on everyone.  
Leonard“Charlie” Wolff, (Bonnie Bennett '61)
   There are so many great memories from my HS days I can’t pick a favorite, but some are:
Pep Rallies, Jimmies Hurricane, lunch across the street and football games.
Personally, I enjoyed competing in gymnastics meets. Most of all, I enjoyed the nice, mature people in our graduating class. I know HS was a very tough time for all of us, but cannot recall anyone from the class of 59 being anything but friendly. I do remember several guys from ‘58 being A Holes, but that’s another story. LOL,  I certainly was not a good student while at Gables, but I attended the U of M , obtaining a degree in business. After working for a couple of years I returned to school and obtained a degree in Nuclear Engineering.  I married Bonny Bennett (CG’61) in 1966 and we are still in love today! We had two boys, Charles III and David.
   Charles III, is a neurosurgeon, has 3 children and lives in Pensacola. David, is a pilot, has 2 children and lives in Utah. During my working years we lived all over the USA and finally moved back to Stuart, Florida in 1986. I owned and managed a small engineering company from 1982 until the late 90's. I have also been involved in buying and developing several real estate projects, including a large commercial building and 4 residential subdivisions. I am invested in real estate in Florida and Utah and someday hope to be able to recover from the recent market drop. Over the years, I have had many interests, including skin/scuba diving, running, biking, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, flying and designing/building aerobatic airplanes.
Over the past 15 years I designed, developed and manufactured a world class competition aerobatic airplane. The plane, called VELOX, has taken Bonny and I all over the world. We have traveled to air shows and competitions in China, Japan, Spain, France, Switzerland, Russia, Austria and all over the USA. Several years ago I obtained my A&P license, allowing me to work on my numerous airplanes. I actually enjoyed getting the A&P more than getting my Professional Engineering license!
I have been snow skiing for the past 40 years and I had 75 days of skiing this season alone.
I ski power, on steep slopes, chutes and places you have to hike to access. As a result I have designed and built my own line of special powder/back country skis.
   Some of the special highlights of my later life are:
Visited China right after it was allowed. This was very interesting as the Chinese looked at us like farm animals . We spent several months traveling and flying in air shows. I was the first American to fly aerobatics in China since WWII.
Visited Russia right after the end of the cold war. We were the only outsiders around. It was scary, but interesting. I even visited the room Lenin used for his office and stood at the balcony he gave his first speech on after the revolution. . My Russian friend the, Aerobatic World Champion, even got me into the room that Rasputin was murdered in!
 In 2004, I fulfilled a long held dream, when I traveled to Nepal and hiked to Mt. Everest base camp. 
My biggest problem is, I keep putting stuff in my bucket, as fast as I take stuff out. 
Regina E. Wroath (Bill Crawford)
   I was married in 1967 in Miami.  We both met at the phone company in the Coral Gables office.  I worked 10 years and Bill 37 years.
   We had 3 beautiful daughters which gave us 3 beautiful grand children – 2 girls and one boy – 17, 7 one 4 years old.
Special events in my life – when my children and grand children were born .\I am now retired form Wal-Mart after 15 years and taking care of my grandson and granddaughters for my daughter and son-in-law which both work.
   My daughters live in Port Orange, Lake Mary, and Deland Florida.  They all live nearby for which I’m lucky.
   We are Gator fans.
Edward Zito
   I have been working for the IRS for 40 years as revenue agent and computer audit specialist.
   I never married so I have no immediate family to talk about.
   I spend my spare time traveling, playing golf and bowling.
   My favorite memories of Gables are to numerous to mention.  But a few are playing baseball for the Cavaliers practicing and traveling with the team,  going to the football pep rallies, attending the sporting events, football games, basketball games.  I remember the cheer leaders, the Cavaliettes, and the marching band. The family night dinners Gables put on.  All my friends and teachers.  I especially remember Mr. Joe Morris my English teacher, coach Joe Krutulis baseball coach. I only mentioned two but I have fond memories of all my teachers.  My years at Gables were the best of my life.